According To Clinical Studies

• Diabetic neuropathy 360-480 mg GLA, which is approximately 4-6 1 -g capsules per day (Halat & Dennehy 2003).

• Alcoholism, cardiovascular and inflammatory disorders: 0.5-2.8 g GLA/day (approximately 5.0-28.0 g EPO/day) (Belch & Hill 2000, Leeds et al 1990, Zurier et al 1996).

• EPO may be applied topically in the treatment of skin disorders. ADVERSE REACTIONS

Mild gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea, flatulence, loose bowels and bloating have been reported (Bamford et al 1985). High doses of 5-10 miykg/day


administered in animal models failed to detect toxic effects or carcinogenicity (Everett et al 1988).

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