According To Clinical Studies

• Asthma: 500-2000 mg prior to exercise.

• Cardiovascular disease prevention: up to 1000 mg/day long term.

• Bone mineral density: 750 mg/day long term.

• Cataract protection: 500 mg/day long term.

• Histamine-lowering effects: 250 mg to 2 g/day for several weeks.

• Respiratory infection: 1-2 g/day.

• Sunburn protection: oral vitamin C (2000 mg/day) in combination with vitamin E (1000 lU/day).

• Urinary acidification: 4-12 g taken in divided doses every 4 hours. ADVERSE REACTIONS

Adverse effects of oral vitamin C include loose bowels and diarrhoea with high-dose supplements; however, the dose at which this occurs varies between individuals and also varies for each individual at different times.

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