According To Clinical Studies

(Doses are for dried herb or equivalent).

• Mild to moderate depression: adult — doses ranging from 350-1800 mg/day have been used; children (aged 6-12 years) — 200-400 mg/day in divided doses.

The extract most often studied is LI 160, although others have also been tested, such as WS 5573 (standardised to hyperforin), ZE 117 (a low concentration hyperforin preparation), WS 550 and STW3-V1.

• Major depression: 1800 mg/day in divided doses.

• OCD: 450 mg twice daily of an extract containing 0.3% hypericin.

• Menopausal symptoms: 900 mg/day in divided doses.

• PMS: 300 mg/day (standardised to 900 ¡jg hypericin).

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