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Ennora Binaural Beats are specially engineered recordings that allow you to seemlessly enter deep states of concentration, relaxation and meditation. Our Recordings are proven to reduce stress, improve productivity and increase brain power. Simply listen through stereo headphones while you relax. That's all there is to it. Continue reading...

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Live Your Best Life Guided Meditation

Living your best life means living up to your potential. Living up to your potential means that you actually do the things you hope to do one day NOW, instead of driving them away for some magical time in the future. If you are reading this, it is because you know you are able to do more. You have dreams and aspirations and you are almost ready to create the life you want. Living your life better also means living a balanced life. Balance is a fundamental part of healthy living. Wisely managing time and energy, you nurture every aspect of yourself, your body, your mind, and your spirit. Also, living your best life begins with appreciating the fact that you are alive. Realizing that life is a gift and that every day is a blessing is the foundation upon which you build the life you desire.The exposed product of living your best living product is a step-by-step manual for everyone. The product has been said to be beneficial to many people around the world. It takes courage to create the life you want. By exploring and honoring what you desire for yourself, you will discover that this means breaking some old habits and making changes in your life. These changes may include moving away from friendships and other relationships that no longer support your growth and goals. Continue reading...

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Types of CAM Modalities

Art therapy, dance therapy, hypnosis, meditation, mental healing, music therapy, prayer Mind-body interventions recognize the connection between the physical body and the spiritual self, and include practices such as meditation, prayer, and music therapy. Biologically-based modalities are primarily nutrition-related and vary from special diets such as the macrobiotic diet to the inclusion of dietary supplements in the diet. Body-based methods involve hands-on manipulation of the body, and include such modalities as massage and chiropractic. The energy therapies are based on the concept that the body has an energy field that can be manipulated to promote healing.

Table 61 Some Experts Recommendations on CAM Therapies

Improve sleep, relieve pain, and diminish symptoms of anxiety or depression. Some CAM therapies can help with treatment-related side effects, such as nausea or hot flashes. In some instances, they may also improve immune function. For example, studies have shown benefit from hypnosis for cancer pain and nausea from relaxation therapy, music therapy, and massage for anxiety and from acupuncture for nausea and pain.


Many other interventions are available, but few, if any, scientific studies support their use. These therapies include applied auditory integration training, special diets, discrete trial teaching, music therapy, physical therapy, speech language therapy, and vision therapy. Some of these treatments are controversial and may or may not reduce a specific person's symptoms. Parents should use caution before subscribing to any particular treatment. Counseling for the families of people with autism also may assist them in coping with the disorder.

Alzheimers Disease

The only treatment now available for Alzheimer's is to maintain quality of life. Relaxation and deep breathing improve circulation and help memory. Ginkgo biloba has been found to increase the blood flow to the brain affecting cognitive function. High blood levels of vitamin E correlate with improved brain function in older individuals.15 Music therapy has been found to be of great benefit as other abilities decline, sensory stimulation promotes emotional well-being and facilitates a way of communication.

The Present Study

For the verbal dichotic-listening task participants were first screened so as to eliminate any obvious hearing impairment. The headphones were adjusted and calibrated so that the stimuli were presented at 70-db for each ear. The stimuli consisted of 36 pairs of all possible combinations of the consonant-vowel (CV) stimuli formed by adding a to the stop consonants b , d , g , p , k and t - i.e. ba , da , ga , pa , ka and ta . Stimulus pairs were spoken by a male voice and aligned by computer to ensure simultaneous presentation to left and right ears.These stimulus pairs were inter-leaved with trials on which the same item was presented to the two ears. This was to ensure that the stimuli were being correctly perceived and acted as a control for any hearing impairment. Only the data for the dichotic trials are analysed and referred to below because incorrect reporting of the binaural trials would have indicated a problem with hearing (or reporting), which would have led us to drop the...

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Listening to the Binaural Beat

Listening to the Binaural Beat

When you were a kid were you fascinated by those dog whistles that you could blow, not hear but all the dogs in the vicinity would come running? The high pitch was something that only they could here, and though it seemed the dogs didn't seem to arrive in droves as they did in the movies, it was enough for perhaps your pet dog to prick up his ears before sliding back into sleep.

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