Conclusions And Recommendations

This chapter has only touched on a few aspects of residential accessible design. More information is available from resources such as instructive design publica tions and manufacturers' product literature. When using this information, however, bear in mind that your specific circumstances may not be addressed by generic design solutions. To sort through this material, keep in mind the reason for the specific design recommendation. If the design rationale does not apply to your circumstances, then the prototypical design may not meet your needs. Similarly, components of a generic solution may be unnecessary or even detrimental for your project. For example, a large roll-in shower stall is appropriate for someone who bathes while seated in a wheelchair. A smaller stall, however, may be more suitable for an ambulatory bather who uses walls or grab bars to maintain balance. Accessible design should be tailored specifically to each individual homeowner to best suit his or her needs as efficiently as possible.

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