MRA does not require extensive patient preparation prior to the examination. Patients are not required to fast before the examination; on the contrary, high-caloric meals prior to the examination may increase the splanchnic flow, thereby improving the depiction of small branching arteries. On the other hand, physiological peristalsis may cause motion artifacts in some patients; this can be reduced by application of glucagon or N-butyl-scopalamine.

Imaging is usually performed with the patient in the supine position in the magnet. Typically, a body array surface coil that covers the abdomen is used. The arms should be elevated above the head in order to avoid aliasing artifacts. For accurate injection of contrast agent, an intravenous feed should be placed in the right antecubital vein. For most examinations the contrast agent and saline flush should be injected at a minimum flow rate of 2 ml/sec in order to achieve a sufficiently tight contrast agent bolus [25].

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