Phase Contrast MRA

The abdominal vasculature may be evaluated with phase-contrast (PC) MRA using both two dimensional (2D) and 3D techniques [4,14,15,21]. 2D PC MRA with electrocardiogram (ECG) or pulse triggering has been shown to provide functional information of the mesenteric vasculature [4,14,15, 21]. By segmenting the acquired phase with the cardiac cycle, quantitative measurements of flow velocity and volume may be acquired.

An important advantage of 3D PC MRA over 2D PC MRA is that images can be acquired in any plane [34]. However, due to the relatively long acquisition times, respiratory motion artifacts frequently impair the quality of the image. Moreover, image quality may be further reduced by ghost artifacts derived from inhomogeneous or turbulent flow during systole. Although this problem may be resolved by cardiac gating, this further increases the acquisition time without necessarily improving the image quality.

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