Recent developments in magnetic resonance (MR) scanner hardware and the advent of fast three dimensional (3D) gradient echo sequences have rapidly advanced the role of MR imaging for the evaluation of abdominal vasculature. Nowadays it is possible to accurately image both the arterial and venous vasculature of the abdomen and to acquire sufficient information to accurately detect and diagnose underlying pathologies of these vessels. In particular, depiction of anatomic variants of the arterial blood supply and demonstration of collateral circulation of the liver is easily performed non-invasively on contrast-enhanced MR angiography (CE MRA). The possibility to perform rapid time-resolved imaging permits evaluation of both the arterial and portal-venous systems in the same session, thereby rendering CE MRA a one-stop-shop for the work-up of patients with suspected vascular disease of the liver. The rapid improvements in CE MRA methodology permit accurate non-invasive evaluation of potential living donors and of patients scheduled for liver transplantation.

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