Hepatic Pseudolesions

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5.1 Pathophysiologic Background

5.1.1 Anatomic Variants of the Hepatic Circulation

5.1.2 Vascular Abnormalities

5.2 Parenchymal Pseudolesions

5.2.1 Focal Fatty Liver

5.2.2 Focal Spared Areas in Fatty Liver

5.2.3 Inflammatory Pseudotumors

5.2.4 Peliosis Hepatis

5.2.5 Confluent Hepatic Fibrosis

5.2.6 Segmental Hypertrophy

5.2.7 Parenchymal Compression

5.3 Vascular Pseudolesions

5.3.1 Transient Hepatic Attenuation Differences

5.3.2 Vascular Malformations

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