Peeling Layers Apart

One will often want to peel layers of tissue apart. Examples include removing the epithelium from the underlying deep cells (69) or removing the outer wall of the gastrula from the underlying involuted cells (see Subheadings 4.2. and 4.2.2.). The "peel" is begun by probing with the tip of an eyebrow hair for the interface between the tissues to be separated; the interface reveals itself as a line of easier separation. Once the interface is discovered, the background tissue is held with the side of the hairloop. The tissue to be peeled off is pulled away by running the tip of the eyebrow hair along the interface, and angling the butt or heel of the eyebrow hair against the surface of the tissue (Fig. 4C). Initiation of a peel at the proper interface is difficult if the cut at the edge of the peel has gone too deep. In this case, the area of the underlying tissue beneath the peel will be more likely to come along with the peeled tissue.

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