1. If an adequate level of anesthesia does not develop, inject an additional 25-50% of the initial volume of anesthesia.

2. Two other anesthetics that combine a suitably deep level of anesthesia with rapid reliable recovery in rats are:

a. 1:1 Mixture of Vetalar (100 mg/mL ketamine hydrochloride; Parke Davis Veterinary, Morris Plains, NJ) and Rompun (2% solution equivalent to 20

mg/mL xylazine; Bayer, Leverkusen, Germany): 0.6 mL of the 1:1 Vetalar/ Rompun mixture being administered to rats weighing between 250-300 g. b. Sagittal (60 mg/mL sodium pentobarbitone; Rhone-Merieux, Rhone-Merieux, Lyon, France): the recommended dose being 26 mg/kg.

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