Caesarean Section

1. Kill the mother by cervical dislocation.

2. Soak the abdomen with 79% ethanol.

3. Skin the lower half of the animal. Cut open the body wall to reveal the pregnant uterus. Dissect the uterus carefully by cutting at the oviduct and the cervix, and tearing away at the attached membranes.

4. Cut the uterus into sections, each containing a single pup. Gently squeeze each pup out with a blunt forceps.

5. Dissect away the membranes that surround the pup, and cut the umbilical cord. Wipe away any fluid from the mouth and nose. Rhythmically and gently squeeze the chest with blunt forceps to simulate breathing.

6. Place the pups on warm tissue, and keep warm until fostered.

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