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This product was created by a Christian Goodman and a woman who has been suffering from migraine problems for over a decade. As she followed the advice in the book along with easy to do stationary movements, she was able to help unlock the path of the oxygen to the brain and make her migraines stop forever. This was done not by treating migraines by the triggers, but by the cause of the migraines which was the lack of the body to send the oxygen and work well. Finally, the creator of the product was able to locate the problem along with easy to do tricks that are not known to the public. Along with that, you will also learn how to sit and walk correctly and loosen the muscles in the body for easier airflow into the brain. You will no longer have to face migraines and let them cripple your ability as a person. These easy tricks will even make you feel better immediately as you start doing them. You won't even need any experience on how to do these exercises because they are all super easy to do. In addition to that, you can get started today in stopping your migraines and headaches by getting the guide. Read more here...

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Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

Overall my first impression of this book is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

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Migraine And Tensiontype Headache

Acupuncture Nodes

As with mental disorders and DSM classification, the broad spectrum of headaches also needed to be classified with a symptom-oriented classification. The second edition of the International Classification of Headache Disorders (ICHD-2) published in 2004 maintained the three main categories of primary headaches described in the edition of 1988 migraine, TTH, cluster headache and other trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias. It is important for the practitioner trying to treat these disorders with acupuncture to be familiar with this classification in order to make a differential diagnosis between the first two categories because of their prevalence in the general population. The custom of maintaining the common term 'headache' in acupuncture textbooks is still widespread, even today. This results in auricular charts not reporting different points or areas for treating the two different types of headache. In the Chinese standardized map, for example, the term 'migraine' has been reported...

NBCel mutations and migraine

Mutation Migraine

Of the brain interstitial space, acid secretion by glial cells via inward electrogenic Na+-HCO3-cotransporter NBCe1B may have a significant role in the prevention of excessive neural activities. In fact, alkalosis in extracellular spaces is generally associated with enhanced neuronal excitability, while acidosis is known to suppress neural activity 19 . A recent study using NBCe1 knockout (KO) mice confirmed that NBCe1 mediates a depolarization-induced alkalinization (DIA) response in astrocytes 57 . This study revealed that NBCe1 also contributes partially to a DIA response in hippocampal neurons 57 . Bevensee et al. initially reported that the expression of NBCe1B is more abundant in astrocytes than in neuron, while NBCe1C show the reverse pattern of expression 18 . However, the expression of NBCe1C was also found in rat astrocytes 22 . Despite the intensive expression of NBCe1 in brain and the potential contribution of NBCe1 to the extracellular pH regulation in brain, the...

Prophylaxis Of Migraine Headache

The first double-blind study investigating feverfew in migraine prophylaxis was published in 1985 and involved 17 patients who had been chewing fresh feverfew leaves on a daily basis (Johnson et al 1985). Therapeutic effect was maintained when capsules containing freeze-dried feverfew powder were continued, whereas those allocated placebo capsules experienced a significant increase in the frequency and severity of headache, nausea, and vomiting during the early months of withdrawal. Since then, numerous clinical studies have been conducted to determine the role of feverfew in the prevention of migraine headache. In 2000, Ernst and Pittler published a systematic review of six randomised, placebo-controlled double-blind trials of feverfew as a prophylactic treatment and concluded that the current evidence favours feverfew as an effective preventative treatment against migraine headache, and is generally well tolerated. Clinical note Migraine Migraine is a common episodic familial...

Suffering from frequent headaches

Do you suffer from FMS as well as regular bouts with severe headaches If so, you're certainly not alone. No one knows how many people with fibromyalgia suffer from periodic migraines or tension headaches, but doctors know that they happen a lot. The underlying problem could be that whatever in the body that controls pain has gone wrong. Or it could be that the body is overly sensitive to pain. It may even be both. Diagnosing headaches A migraine is a special kind of headache that can be extremely severe and is often accompanied by nausea and vomiting. The pain is usually excruciating people often describe it as blinding. People with migraines often complain that light and sounds bother them, and they generally want to lie down in a dark place alone and in the same position as long as possible (or until their medication kicks in). (For more on migraines, check out Migraines For Dummies, by Diane Stafford and Jennifer Shoquist, MD Wiley .) A tension headache is another type of headache....

For Migraine

My reasons for distinguishing this pain from musculoskeletal pain is that migraine is a neurovascu-lar pain which manifests itself on the trigeminal territory and tends to relapse over time. Migraine is a disabling disorder with a high social and economical impact which requires a careful strategy of prophylaxis for reducing the number of attacks and preventing the chronic abuse of painkillers. Here acupuncture can gain ground with honor as an alternative treatment or for use in combination with pharmacological therapy.2-8 Besides body acupuncture, using formulae or personalized sets of points, ear acupuncture also seems to have an interesting role. Its main difference is that at every ear acupuncture session it is necessary to make a diagnosis and to find out which points to treat. Migraine requires a very accurate localization of the points especially in the case of an attack, the algometer should be used with a light hand in order not to overly bother the patient. In 15 patients...


This is a specific form of headache, usually unilateral (one side of the head), associated with nausea or vomiting, visual disturbances such as scintillating light waves or zigzag fashion. The client may experience a visual aura before an attack actually happens. This is usually called a classical migraine. There are other types of migraine Ophthalmoplegic migraine this causes painful, red and watery eyes. Neuropathic migraine it causes one-sided paralysis and weakness of the face and body. Abdominal migraine this can affect children with recurring attacks of abdominal pain, sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Migraines can be treated with simple analgesia or more specialised anti-migraine medication.

Cut Off My Headache

David did a favor for Goliath by literally cutting off a headache. I am aware that you may figuratively like to have your head taken away sometimes. Headaches can be so painful that people have been known to pound their heads on a wall to relieve the head pain. I have treated many patients with that history. Headaches that don't ever go away, regardless of treatment, need to be evaluated further with a head scan. Morning headaches that go away as the day progresses can be caused by a low functioning thyroid gland. Headaches at the base of the skull or top of the neck radiating to the top are commonly caused by tension with misalignment of upper neck vertebra. This type responds to spinal corrective alignment. Work on eliminating the tension cause. Challenging headaches include hormone fluctuation pain in females around the menstrual cycle. I normally see elevated estrogen levels in saliva testing suggesting inadequate liver clearing of estrogen, with not enough progesterone to cause...

Chronic Headaches

Chronic headaches occur in 3 to 5 percent of adults worldwide. And at least 25 percent of people with FM experience chronic headaches, with chronic migraines and chronic tension headaches being most common. The definition of chronic headache is a headache that occurs at least fifteen days per month for three or more months. Symptoms will vary depending on the type of headache. Chronic migraines usually affect one side of the head and are characterized by pulsating, throbbing, severe pain. The headache can be aggravated by physical activity, bright light, and loud noise. Sometimes nausea and vomiting also occur during migraine headaches. Chronic tension headaches usually start as intermittent headaches, typically involve both sides of the head, and are mild to moderate in severity. They have a band-like pressure or squeezing quality. Diagnosis is made by history and physical exam. Imaging studies and spinal fluid analyses may be done if brain injury, infection, or tumor is suspected. A...


Most headaches, characterized by a dull pain, are tension or stress related. Other sources may be a musculoskeletal problem in the upper back and neck that can be helped with craniosacral therapy by an osteopath or pressure from the sinuses. A headache on awakening may be an indication of high blood pressure. About 10 of headaches are called migraines throbbing in nature, genetic in origin, they are the result of constriction and dilation of blood vessels in the brain. Severe headaches that appear suddenly or that increase in severity may be caused by an underlying condition and should be checked by a physician. Allergies, especially to certain foods, and food sensitivies are suspected of being the major causes of migraines, in children as well as adults. The effect from the allergen may not be felt for days following ingestion. Hormonal fluctuations and stress can also be factors in the illness. Migraines will usually appear when there are simultaneous triggers or when there is an...


Symptoms Severe headache, with a sensation of great heaviness at the back of the head. The scalp is sensitive to the cold and to touch. The head may feel sensitive, as if a cold breeze is blowing on it, or numb and wooden. A degree of temporary deafness is a possible associated symptom, and there may be an accompanying feeling of nausea (see above). Symptoms better For pressure on the temples. Symptoms worse For cold for touch for shaking when coughing.


Symptoms Pain that is like a crushing weight on the temples or the top of the head, possibly with dizziness and eye strain. These headaches particularly affect schoolchildren, especially girls, who are overstudying for exams (see right), and those stressed at work. They may also be caused by exhaustion, grief (see left), or prolonged periods of standing or walking. Symptoms better For warmth for movement for short naps for pressure on the affected area for excitement. Symptoms worse For cold for emotional stress for overstudying for loss of fluids for noise for music for talking in the evening.

Indications Horseradish

Abrasion (f HOO) Allergy (f1 LIB PED) Alzheimer's (1 COX X15231456) Anorexia (f APA DEM) Arthrosis (f1 APA BGB CAN COX X15231456) Asthma (f1 BGB DEM FNF) Atony (f FEL) Bacillus (1 X10548758) Bacteria (12 HHB HH2 KOM X17260672 X10548758) Bronchosis (f12 APA PHR PH2 SKY X16618018) Bruise (f HOO) Cancer (1 FNF JLH) Cancer, abdomen (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, breast (f1 FNF) Cancer, colon (f1 FNF JLH X15231456) Cancer, liver (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, nose (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, spleen (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, stomach (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, skin (f1 FNF JLH WO2) Catarrh (1 KOM PHR X17260672) Chilblain (f GMH) Cholecystosis (f PHR PH2) Cold (f1 DEM SKY) Colic (f APA PH2) Congestion (f1 APA) Cough (f12 GMH PHR PH2) Cramp (f1 HHB WIN) Cystosis (1 LIB PHR) Debility (f BOW) Dental Plaque (f FAD) Diabetes (f DEM LIB) Dropsy (f FEL GMH HHB) Dysmenorrhea (f DEM) Dyspepsia (f PHR PH2 SKY) Dysuria (CAN PED fi PHR) Edema (f BGB CAN) Enterosis (1 PH2 WO2) Epistaxis (f HOO) Escherichia (1 HH2 X17260672 X10548758) Fever (f...

Adverse Reactions

Glucosamine has been used safely in multiple clinical trials lasting from 4 weeks to 3 years with minimal or no adverse effects (Pavelka et al 2002, Pujalte et al 1980, Lopes Vaz 1982, Reginster et al 2001) and a recent Cochrane systematic review suggests that glucosamine is as safe as placebo (Towheed et al 2006). Short-term adverse effects may include mild gastrointestinal problems, drowsiness, skin reactions and headache (Barclay et al 1998). A critical review of clinical trial data for 3063 human subjects suggests that glucosamine does not affect glucose metabolism, that there are no adverse effects of oral glucosamine administration on blood, urine or faecal parameters and that side-effects were significantly less common with glucosamine than with placebo or NSAIDs (Anderson et al 2005).

Mood Disorders Depression Anxiety Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Anxiety is a symptom that may include physical or psychological feelings of distress and worry, changes in heart rate, skin temperature, and myriad other features. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is an anxiety disorder that presents as excessive, uncontrollable, and often irrational worry about everyday problems for at least six consecutive months. This worry limits people's ability to work, go to school, and function in the community. People with GAD are more symptomatic than people with anxiety as a symptom. They may anticipate disasters, exhibit catastrophic thinking, have fatigue, fidgeting, headaches, muscle aches, trembling, sweating, and insomnia.

Neuropsychopharmacological Drugs

These drugs are used to treat major depressive illnesses therefore they are frequently administered daily for periods of weeks or months. Abrupt discontinuation of any of the major classes of Antidepressants may result in discontinuation reactions. Antidepressants vary in their ability to cause reactions, and reactions are more common after abrupt discontinuation and longer courses of treatment. Common symptoms include gastrointestinal problems like nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. In addition, some patients complain of a flulike illness consisting of weakness, chills, fatigue, headaches, and muscle aches. Central nervous system dysfunction characterized by difficulty falling asleep, anxiety, vivid dreams or nightmares, or jitteriness can also occur, Major Tranquilizers. Neuroleptic agents are commonly used in psychiatric practice for the treatment of psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. These agents all block brain dopaminergic receptors the basis for...

H19 Infraorbital Cutaneous

Skull Suture Lines

The H19 infraorbital ARP is always the first ARP on the face to become sensitive because the infraorbital nerve is the biggest cutaneous nerve on the face. In addition to homeostatic decline, all symptoms related to the face and the head may further sensitize this point. Thus the sensitivity and size of the point provide useful information on the severity or chronicity of the symptom. Common symptoms that may sensitize this ARP are cranial neuralgias all kinds of headache facial, myofascial, and tem-poromandibular disorders dental and intraoral pain ocular and periocular pain pain in the ear

Crinum asiaticum L Amaryllidaceae Crinum Lily Spider Lily Bawang Tanah

How Grow Bawang

Of injury and inflamed joints. 18 The plant has been used for carbuncles and cancer. 7 In Indonesia, the oiled and heated leaves are useful to treat wounds by poisoned arrows, bites and stings. In Malaysia, poultices of the leaves are applied to swellings, swollen joints, lumbago, pains and in cases of headache and fever. The leaves are also an emollient. In Northwest Solomon Islands, the leaves make a topical treatment for inflammation. 19 In Malaysia, the leaves are used as a rheumatic remedy and to relieve local pain. 18 On Karkar Island and in Simbu, Papua New Guinea, the latex from the leaves is applied to cuts. In India, the leaves are applied to skin diseases and inflammation. 20 The crushed leaves are used to wash piles or mixed with honey and applied to wounds and abscesses. 3 Its seeds are considered purgative and emmenag-ogic. 7 In the Trobriands, Papua New Guinea, the stem fibres are used to stop bleeding and in New Ireland, the milky sap from the stem is used for...

Piper nigrum L Piperaceae Pepper Lada

Piper Nigrum

Traditional Medicinal Uses The plant is used in many Asian countries as a stimulant, for the treatment of colic, rheumatism, headache, diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera, menstrual pains, removing excessive gas and increasing the flow of urine. 11 It is also used in folk medicine for stomach disorders and digestive problems, neuralgia and scabies. In Ayurveda, it is used for arthritis, asthma, fever, cough, catarrh, dysentery, dyspepsia, flatulence, haemorrhoids, urethral discharge and skin damage. In Chinese medicine, it is used for vomiting, diarrhoea and gastric symptoms. Homeopathically, it is used for irritation of mucous membrane and galactorrhoea. 3 A heavy dose of pepper with wild bamboo shoots is said to cause abortion. 4 In Assam, a method of birth control include Cissampelos pareira in combination with Piper nigrum, root of Mimosa pudica and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis.ll2 The fruits are used to remove excessive gas in system, increase flow of urine, treat colic, rheumatism,...

Case Studies With Plant Fragrances

The essential oil of lavender is the main product of the plant that is used in herbal medicine. In traditional herbal medicine, the lavender oil is used as an antispasmodic, a carminative, a diuretic, a sedative, a stimulant, a stomachic, and a tonic to treat such ailments as acne, colic, flatulence, giddiness, migraines, nausea, rheumatism, spasms, sprains, toothache, and vomiting.25 Preparations of

Historical Aspects Of The Use Of Nuts And Seeds For Health In Pakistan

Chronic headache, excretion of nasal secretion, brain tonic, and analgesic (Kabirudin & Khan, 2003) Gastric disorders, facial palsy, and paralysis (Hayat et al., 2008) Headache, indigestion, liver complaints, antifebrile, Anthelmintic (Hussain et al., 2007) Aphrodisiac, diuretic, tonic, stimulant, placental retention, anthelmintic, galactogogue, cough, scabies, headache, spermatorrhoea, sedative, and jaundice (Kabirudin &Khan, 2003) Headache, fatigue, lumbago, toothache, eye ache, brain weakness, cold, analgesic, hypnotic, sedative, Carminative, laxative, tonic to the liver, diuretic, and useful in bronchitis, earache, headache, griping, ophthalmia, and ascites (Ali et al., 2003) Stimulant, antispasmodic, astringent, diuretic, and antibacterial (Sabeen & Ahmad, 2009) Tonic for brain and heart, aphrodisiac, cough, phlegm, and kidneys (Kabirudin & Khan, 2003) Gastrointestinal disorders such as constipation, loose motions, and diarrhea (Ahmad et al., 2006) Antidiarrheal, abdominal pain,...

Clinical Manifestations

Tongue Papillae Swollen

The features of migraine headache are not clearly differentiated from those of severe tension headache caused by muscle contraction. Both types of headache are usually unilateral, have a female-to-male predominance of 3 1, are activated by stress and menstruation, and are associated with varying neurologic signs and symptoms. The unilateral nature of the headache is not fully explained by describing the pathophysiology causing both types of headache. Most clinicians agree that a vascular effect is inherent in migraine headache. In addition, the HSV-1 genome has been shown in temporal artery biopsy specimens (12). A common finding in patients with migraine headache is a unilateral increase in somatic sensitivity (somatophobia) of the postauricular and occipital area when the hair is combed, yet astute testing shows numbness (hypesthesia) of that area. This finding is typical of both HSV and herpes zoster. Recurrent herpes simplex PGE explains the prodrome, unilaterality, chronicity,...

Main uses in food processing and medicine 1441 General

There are various reports on the traditional medicinal uses European oregano has as a carminative, diaphoretic, expectorant, emmenagogue, stimulant, stomachic and tonic. In addition, it has been used as a folk remedy against colic, coughs, headaches, nervousness, toothaches and irregular menstrual cycles. Turkish villagers have traditionally used kekik water, the aromatic water obtained after removing essential oil from the distillate of oregano herbs, which has in recent years become a commercial commodity (Baser, 2002 Kintzios, 2002a). Although the monograph documentation of O. vulgare was submitted to the German Ministry of Health, the staff responsible for phytotherapeutic medicinal domain -Commission E - evaluated Origani vulgaris herba negatively (Banz. No. 122 from 6th July 1988), because of lack of scientific proof for a number of indication areas (Blumenthal, 1998). Nevertheless, many of the studies confirmed benefits of oregano for human health and its use for the treatment...

Morinda citrifolia L Rubiaceae Mengkudu Indian Mulberry Noni

Pairs Rambutans

Poultice of fresh leaves can be used to cure furunculosis. The fruit when consumed together with a little salt is stomachic, aperient, and active on dysentery, uterine haemorrhage, cough, coryza, oedema and neuralgia. The root bark has beneficial effects in hypertension, osteodynia and lumbago. 7 The fruit is also used for throat and gum complaints, dysentery and leucorrhoea while the root is used as a cathartic and febrifuge. 29 The processed fruitjuice is also in great demand for various ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure, headaches, heart disease, AIDS, cancers, gastric ulcers, mental depression, senility, poor digestion, atherosclerosis and drug addiction. 30

Shellfish poisoning paralytic 245

Symptoms Symptoms appear between a few minutes to three hours after ingestion, and include gastrointestinal problems accompanied by muscular weakness, chills, headache, and fever. Recovery is rapid and death is rare. Symptoms Saxitoxin interferes with functions involving the brain, movement, and senses. Soon after eating (sometimes in less than an hour), symptoms appear. At first, there is a tingling or numbness in lips and tongue, often followed by tingling and numbness in the fingertips and toes, nausea, lightheadedness, followed by vomiting and diarrhea. This may progress to loss of muscle coordination. This is followed by a gradual paralysis, trembling, headache, and weakness. Death as a result of respiratory paralysis can occur within 12 hours of eating PSP-con-taining shellfish. Eating as little as 0.5 to 1.0 mg. of contaminated shellfish can be fatal, and a person's survival depends on how much has been consumed. If a person survives the first 12 hours, chances of survival are...

Scarlet Wisteria Tree Red Wisteria Daun Turi

Daun Solanum Nigrum

Traditional Medicinal Uses In the Philippines, the plant is used for its hypotensive properties. 10 It is used in Indian folk medicine for the treatment of liver disorders. 11 The juice of the leaves and flowers are popularly used for nasal catarrh and headache when taken as snuff. Various leaf preparations are used to treat epileptic fits. Applied externally for treatment of leprous eruptions. A poultice of the leaves is used for bruises. The leaf juice is mixed with honey for congenital bronchitis or cold in babies. 12 Traditional Medicinal Uses The stem, leaves and roots are used as a decoction for wounds, tumours and cancerous growths, sores and as an astringent They are also used as a condiment, stimulant, tonic, for treatment of piles, dysentery, abdominal pain, inflammation of bladder, relief of asthma, bronchitis, coughs, eye ailments, itch, psoriasis, skin diseases, eczema, ulcer, relief of cramps, rheumatism, neuralgia and expulsion of excess fluids. The roots are used as an...

Hand foot and mouth disease

Symptoms usually appear within four to six days after infection. The mild illness usually lasts only a few days and includes ulcers inside the cheeks, on gums, or tongue, together with a fever, achiness, sore throat, headache, and poor appetite. Two days later, a rash on palms, fingers, soles, and diaper area appear this is the signal that the virus is abating. There is no treatment other than painkillers to relieve blister discomfort, although Benadryl solution may help. Acetaminophen is given for fevers above 101 F or for headaches. Small sips of soothing foods and fluids will ease mouth sores, with the use of frozen or diluted juice, lukewarm broth, soft noodles, or gelatin desserts.

Who is Abraham Lieberman

My medical training is as follows I'm a 1963 graduate of the New York University School of Medicine Board Certified in neurology and psychiatry and a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology, the American Neurological Association, and the Movement Disorder Society. I trained in neurology at Bellevue Hospital, one of the largest and busiest hospitals in America, between 1964-1967. During the Vietnam War, I was a neurologist at the United States Air Force Hospital in Tachikawa, Japan, 1967-1969. From 1970 to 1989, I was, successively, an instructor, then an assistant professor, then an associate professor, and then a full professor of neurology at NYU. I was principal or co-principal investigator of more than 200 grants and studies of such diverse topics as Alzheimer disease, brain tumors, coma, epilepsy, migraine headaches, nerve and muscle disease, Parkinson disease, and stroke. Most of the studies involved inventing ways of evaluating these diseases. The studies were complemented...

Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate Plaquenil

Hydroxychloroquine sulfate should be taken on a full stomach, for example, after dinner, to minimize nausea. While hydroxychloroquine sulfate may be better tolerated than chloroquine, rare side effects may include nausea and vomiting, headache, dizziness, blurred vision, and itching. Hydroxychloroquine sulfate may worsen the symptoms of psoriasis.

Symptoms Syndromes and the Value of Psychiatric Diagnostics in Patients Who Have Functional Somatic Disorders

The epidemiology of physical symptoms has been reviewed recently 1,2 . Symptoms account for more than half of all outpatient encounters or, in the United States alone, nearly 400 million clinic visits annually. About one half of these are pain complaints (eg, headache, chest pain, abdominal pain, joint pains), one quarter are upper respiratory (eg, cough, sore throat, ear or nasal symptoms), and the remainder are neither pain nor upper respiratory symptoms (eg, fatigue, dizziness, palpitations). About three fourths of outpatients who present with physical complaints experience improvement within 2 weeks, whereas 20 to 25 are chronic or recurrent 3,4 . Symptoms that are self-limiting (viral respiratory illnesses) or explained readily (eg, angina pectoris in the patient who has classic symptoms and known cardiovascular risk factors, or asthma in the patient who has acute dyspnea and wheezing) are not particularly perplexing. Rather, it is the symptoms that are unexplained and often...

Agarwood aquilaria malaccensis lam thymelaeaceae

Aquilaria Malaccensis

Allergy (1 X9324002) Anaphylaxis (1 X9324002) Anuria (f HH2) Asthma (f1 BIB WO2 X9324002) Bleeding (f DEP) Bronchosis (f BIB NAD) Cancer (f BIB) Cancer, colon (f BIB) Cancer, liver (f BIB) Cancer, lung (f BIB) Cancer, stomach (f BIB) Cancer, thyroid (f BIB) Cardiopathy (f IHB) Childbirth (f BIB IHB) Cholera (f HH2) Colic (f BIB DEP) Congestion (f BIB) Cough (f HH2) Dermatosis (f BIB) Diarrhea (f BIB) Dropsy (f BIB) Dysgeusia (f KAB) Enteralgia (f BIB) Enterosis (f BIB) Fever (f1 BIB DEP X8441779) Gastrosis (f BIB) Gout (f BIB DEP) Headache (f NAD) Hepatosis (f KAB) Hiccup (f BIB) Impotence (f KAB) Induration (f BIB) Leukoderma (f BIB KAB) Malaria (f BIB HH2) Nausea (f BIB DEP) Nephrosis (f BIB) Ophthalmia (f BIB) Otosis (f BIB) Pain (f BIB) Palpitation (f IHB) Palsy (f BIB DEP) Paralysis (f BIB) Pulmonosis (f BIB) Rheumatism (f BIB DEP) Smallpox (f IHB) Thirst (f KAB) Tumor (f JLH) Vertigo (f BIB DEP) Wound (f BIB). Asian Indians apply a paste of Agaru and Isvari in brandy to the...

Condylomata acuminata

Symptoms Within two to seven days after exposure, the onset of illness begins suddenly with fever, chills, severe muscular pains, headache, and vomiting. Between the third and fifth day of the infection, a red rash or hemorrhages in the skin appear, and blood pours from all body orifices. At this stage, the face is flushed and the tongue is dry and often coated with dried blood. As blood loss continues, the pulse starts to race and blood pressure drops. This is followed by signs of shock and collapse, with massive hemorrhage and cardiac arrest. In fatal cases, death usually occurs between seven and nine days after onset. Complications A doctor should be called immediately if any of these symptoms appear swollen red eyelids, blurry vision, severe headache, fever higher than 101 degrees F, or a very painful eye. A doctor should be seen within 24 hours for any of the following symptoms no improvement after drops or ointment, eye pain, decreased vision, or eyes that get more red or itchy...

Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome

Symptoms Within 10 days of a rat bite, the patient experiences fever, chills, vomiting, headache, muscle and joint pain, and a rash appears. Treatment There is no drug treatment for hepatitis A. While symptoms appear, patients should rest and eat well low-fat, high-carbo-hydrate, easily digested foods in small amounts are good choices. These could include crackers, noodles, rice, or soup. Antinausea medicine can be prescribed for severe nausea. Headaches or body aches may respond to acetaminophen. Normal activities may be resumed when the acute illness is over. Symptoms Many people who are infected have no symptoms at all only about 40 percent of victims ever have symptoms. When they do, the primary (or first) appearance of herpes lesions is the worst, with severe local symptoms and many painful lesions. These last up to 10 days, and it may take two to three weeks to completely recover from this first attack. When the sores fade away, the virus remains behind. The virus is now latent....

Secondary Metabolites

The alkaloids are a broad category of chemicals produced by fungi that are synthesized from several different pathways. Many of these chemicals are thought to be involved in defense and disrupt metabolic processes in herbivores that eat infected grasses, or deter attacking insects. The ergot alkaloids are a collection of alkaloid compounds based on lysergic acid amide, which are produced by fungi in the genus Claviceps (Bacon et al. 1986). There are about 50 known species of Claviceps, commonly called the ergots, most living in tropical regions. The ergots infect many grasses, including rye, wheat, and barley as part of their life cycle. The fungi are endophytic and cause no known disease symptoms in their hosts. However, the alkaloids produced by the ergots can induce various metabolic disorders in the herbivores that consume infected grasses. For example, one of these alkaloids, ergotamine, possesses structural similarity to several neutotransmitters including serotonin, dopamine,...

Idiomatic and Conventional Expressions

A first study presented American and Brazilian college students with three types of symptoms that may possibly result from a person being hungry (these were translated into Brazilian Portuguese for the Brazilian participants). Local symptoms referred to specific parts of the body, general symptoms referred to whole body experiences, and behavioral symptoms referred to various behaviors that may result as a consequence of a person being hungry. Each of these three symptoms included items that we presumed may be closely related to the experience of being hungry, items possibly being related, and items not at all related to hunger. An analysis of these ratings showed that both English and Portuguese speakers gave similar ratings to the different items. For example, the two groups of participants agreed that strong effects of hunger on the human body include the stomach grumbles, thought of food makes one's mouth water, one has a stomachache, and one has a headache (local symptoms) one...

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Adverse effects from acyclovir are uncommon. Taken by mouth, the drug may rarely cause stomach problems, headache, dizziness, or nausea and vomiting. The ointment may cause skin irritation or rash. Very rarely, acyclovir injections may lead to kidney damage. Most common side effects include appetite and weight loss, insomnia, and headache. Less frequently, a patient may experience dry mouth and nausea. Rare side effects include dizziness, irritability, stomach pain, increased heart rate, or hallucinations. As with most stimulants indicated for ADHD, there is a possibility of growth suppression and the potential for triggering motor tics and tourette's syndrome in rare cases, worsening of psychosis has been reported.

Infectious parotitis See mumps

Symptoms About one or two days after exposure, symptoms of flu develop suddenly, with fever, headache, and body aches. Intestinal symptoms are uncommon. The throat is sore, dry, and red. A cough appears on the second or third day, followed by a drop in fever with drenching sweats by the third to fifth day. As the fever drops, the patient becomes highly susceptible to secondary bacterial invasion. Fatigue and depression may last for weeks afterward.

Indications Coriander

DEP PHR PH2) Headache (f1 PH2 X15612768) Gas (f1 APA BGB DEP EGG) Gastrosis (f1 BGB HHB BIB DEP EGG PHR PH2) Hemorrhoid (f APA DEP PH2) Hernia (f BIB) Hiccup (f KAB) Hysteria (f BIB BOU JFM) Impotence (f BIB BOU) Induration (f JLH) Infection (f1 HH2 PH2) Inflammation (f KAB) Intoxication (f BIB DEP) Jaundice (f KAB) Kernel (f JLH) Leprosy (f PHR PH2) Listeria (1 X11929164) Measles (f APA HAD PH2) Mycosis (f1 DEP HH2 X15612768) Nausea (f BIB GHA IHB) Nervousness (f BIB) Neuralgia (f APA BIB EGG NAD) Neurosis (f BOU) Obesity (1 X15462185) Ophthalmia (f BOU DEP GHA) Orchosis (f BOU) Otosis (f BOU) Pain (f KAB PH2) Parasite (f BOU) Pharyngosis (f PHR PH2) Ptomaine (f BIB) Puerperium (f PHR) Rash (f PHR PH2) Rheumatism (f BOU HHB NAD) Salmonella (1 HH2 X15161192) Scabies (f KAB) Sclerosis (f BIB) Scrofula (f PH2) Smallpox (f DEP) Snakebite (f BIB) Sore (f DEP) Soroche (f EGG) Splenosis (f BIB) Stomachache (f BIB EGG EB49 406) Stomatosis (f KAB PHR PH2) Swelling (f DEP GHA) Syphilis (f BIB...

Clinical phase III studies of IAS

Early results from the study by Calais da Silva et al. showed no clinically meaningful differences between groups in virtually all QoL parameters and no evidence that IAS carries a significantly higher risk of death 13 . Mottet et al. also reported no significant difference in QoL outcomes in patients receiving either IAS or CAS 38 . However, updated results from a larger cohort of the Calais da Silva study (maximum follow-up of 7 years median 2 years) suggest a better tolerability profile for IAS versus CAS, with up to three times as many patients in the CAS arm reporting side effects compared with IAS patients (hot flushes 23 vs. 7 gynaecomastia 33 vs. 10 headaches 12 vs. 5 all p 0.0001) 44 . Levels of sexual activity also increased in the IAS group compared with the CAS group, reported in 28 vs. 10 of patients after 15 months. Similarly, Miller et al. reported that patients' self-assessment of their overall health and sexual activity appeared to favour IAS however, no differences...

Pathogenic Autoantibodies

Autoantibodies potentially contribute to neuropathology by a variety of mechanisms, including immune complex mediated vasculitis, direct targeting of surface antigen leading to injury to myelin or neuronal tissue, and targeting of postganglionic receptors by functional autoantibody. Antiphospholipid antibodies (aPL) are associated with stroke, migraine, seizures, and transverse myelitis.73 Although described in 5 to 14 of pSS patients, aPL antibody seems not to be associated with CNS disease in pSS.9,74,75 However, a single small study suggested a possible role for aPL antibody in hearing loss in pSS. Clinically significant sensorineural hearing loss was found in 5 of 30 women and hearing loss correlated with the presence of anticardiolipin anti-bodies.76 Patients with pSS and CNS disease have not been found to have evidence of antineuronal antibodies or antiribosomal antibodies. Neither antibody was found in paired serum CSF samples from patients with active CNS-SS, suggesting that...

Drugs Used to Treat Infectious Diseases

Adverse Effects Adverse effects are rare. The ointment may cause skin irritation or rash. Taken by mouth, the drug may cause headache, dizziness, nausea vomiting. Rarely, acyclovir injections may cause kidney damage. Side Effects Adverse effects are likely only when given as injection these side effects may include muscle pains, vomiting, fever, headache, or (rarely) seizures. There is also a risk of kidney damage. Side Effects This drug is usually well tolerated. Occasionally, side effects may include local pain at the injection site, allergic reaction (rash, itching, fever, or chills), blood problems, gastrointestinal problems, headache, or dizziness. Side Effects Gastrointestinal problems, headache, visual disturbances, and itching. Those with retina or visual problems or porphyria should not use this drug. Long-term use can lead to eye damage. Side Effects Nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and headache. Side Effects During clinical trails, this drug was withdrawn in...

Pathophysiologic Factors That Convert Latent Acureflex Points To Passive Points

Cervicis, the suboccipital muscles at the base of the skull, and the trapezius and levator scapulae muscles). This posture is often associated with posterior displacement of the mandible and temporomandibular joint pain. Myalgic syndromes of the posterior cervical muscle and shoulder muscle are thus frequently associated with head pain and headache. Myalgic headache is often the result of postural or ergonomic stress on the shoulder and neck muscles.6 Pelvic torsion-related pain is associated with leg-muscle shortening or leg length pseudo-inequality and may possibly be related to lumbar and pelvic floor myopathy. In pelvic torsion, rotation of the pelvic iliac bone causes an ipsilateral high positioning of the posterior superior iliac spine and a low positioning of the anterosuperior iliac spine, which results in inequality of leg length. Scoliosis that results from pelvic torsion produces an asymmetry in shoulder height and mechanical stress on neck and shoulders, which can cause...

Outof Body Experience OBE

OBEs can occur in a variety of situations such as just relaxing and falling asleep, in waking moments (Green 1968), as a feature of epilepsy and migraine (Blackmore 1982), through electro-stimulation of certain parts of the brain (Persinger 1983 1987), or in other situations such as dissociative anesthesia induced by ketamine (Jansen 1989 2001), or profound 'psychedelic dissociation' sometimes resulting from DMT (Strassman 2001).

Genitourinary tract infection See urinary tract infection

Adolescents and adults may have slightly more pronounced symptoms, including headaches, fever, body aches, eye infections, or a runny nose about one to five days before the rash. Swollen glands in the neck and behind the ear typically appear 7 to 10 days before the rash. The virus may be transmitted from a few days before the symptoms appear until a day after symptoms fade.

Sleepdisordered breathing disorders in neurological diseases

Disorders of neuromuscular transmission in the course of myasthenia gravis may cause sleep-disordered breathing of central type, especially during REM sleep accompanied by declines in blood oxygen saturation (Quera-Salva, 1992 Manni, 1995). The nature of respiratory disorders is similar as in other neuromuscular diseases. The severity of respiratory distress is associated with disease severity. Sleep-disordered breathing in patients with myasthenia gravis is particularly pronounced before the occurrence of myasthenic crisis and precede symptoms of respiratory failure due to exhaustion of the respiratory muscles during the night. At that time hypercapnia is the most characteristic symptom. Hypoxia and hypercapnia occurring during sleep are often the case of morning headaches and progressive fatigue associated with underlying disease. Implementation of treatment reduces sleep-disordered breathing (Amino, 1998). There is no clear data to evaluate the incidence of SDB in patients with...

Indications Caper Bush

Adenopathy (f BIB JLH) Aging (f BIB) Allergy (1 X15799005) Amenorrhea (f DEP) Arteriosclerosis (f BIB BOU) Arthrosis (f BIB) Bleeding (f BOW) Cancer (f1 BIB) Cancer, abdomen (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, bladder (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, colon (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, groin (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, head (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, kidney (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, liver (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, neck (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, spleen (f1 FNF JLH) Cancer, uterus (f1 FNF JLH) Cataract (f BIB) Chill (f BIB BOU) Cirrhosis (f WO2) Cold (f BIB) Conjunctivosis (f BOW) Cough (f BOW GHA) Cramp (1 HOS) Cystosis (f JLH) Dengue (f BIB HJP) Diabetes (f GHA) Diarrhea (f BOW BOU) Dropsy (f BIB BOU DEP) Dysentery (f BIB) Dysmenorrhea (f BIB) Earache (f BI2 GHA) Enterosis (f BOW) Erythema (1 X15799005) Fever (f BOU) Fracture (f BIB) Ganglion (f BOU) Gastrosis (f BOW GHA) Gout (f DEP SKJ WO2) Headache (f BIB) Hepatosis (f1 JLH HOS WO2) Hyperacidity (f MKK) Impotence (f BOU) Induration (f JLH) Infection (f BOW BOU) Infertility (f BIB BOU)...

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf

Hay fever causes sneezing, profuse runny nose, and nasal obstruction or congestion. Nose and eyes may itch. Eyelids and the whites of the eyes may look red and swollen, and there may be headache or sinus pain, dark circles under the eyes, itchy throat, malaise, and fever. Perennial

The Pill Progestin Only Pills POPs

Blood pressure or headaches while taking the combined pill, POPs may be a better oral contraceptive for you. Drug Interactions. POPs can be made less effective by some commonly prescribed drugs that speed up liver activity, which may lead to breakthrough bleeding or even pregnancy, although this occurs rarely. Drugs that may affect the performance of the minipill include prescription headache pills containing barbiturates such as butalbital (Fiorinal, Fioricet, Esgic), the tuberculosis antibiotic rifampin, the oral antifungal drug griseofulvin (Fulvicin, Grifulvin, Grisactin), and antiseizure drugs containing carbamazepine (Tegretol), phenytoin (Dilantin), primidone (Mysoline), or phenobarbital. If you take such medications regularly, progestin-only pills are not recommended. New antiseizure drugs like Neurontin and Lamictal may be less likely to interact with birth control pills.

Laser Auriculo Diagnostic

Region Auricular Pelvis

First, despite great interest in ear acupuncture throughout the world, there is still a lack of evidence-based information about the fields in which auricular treatment could be applied more advantageously. Some evidence has been found for the treatment of pain disorders such as lumbago, cervical pain and migraine. Further evidence has been found for the treatment of drug addiction and obesity as well as for anxiety and insomnia. Auricular therapy for the treatment of psychosomatic disorders seems to be promising and should in my opinion be proposed as a complementary therapy in association with psychoactive drugs.

Amyl Nitrite Amysr Poppers Snappers Pearls Aspirol Vaporal

Amyl nitrite is a simple chemical that has been used for more than a hundred years to relieve heart pain in people who suffer from coronary artery disease. Such people often feel severe chest pain when they exert themselves. If they breathe the fumes of amyl nitrite, the pain quickly disappears because the drug dilates arteries throughout the body, reducing the workload of the heart. Other effects are a sudden fall in blood pressure, a throbbing feeling in the head (or even a brief, pounding headache), occasional dizziness and nausea, warmth and flushing of the skin, and a dramatically altered state of consciousness that reminds some people of fainting or going under general anesthesia.

Dengue hemorrhagic fever shock syndrome

Diphtheria usually develops in the throat, causing fever, red sore throat, weakness, and headache. There may be swelling and a gray membrane that completely covers the throat. This membrane can interfere with swallowing and talking and causes an unpleasant, distinct odor if the membrane covers the windpipe, it can block breathing and suffocate the patient. Other symptoms include slight fever and chills. The exotoxin produced by the bacteria can spread throughout the body and can

Euphorbia hirta L Euphorbiaceae Asthma Weed

Genital Lesion Lasting Weeks

Eruptions, excrescences, i nfluenza, fractures, gonorrhoea, headache, hypertension, measles, nausea, ophthalmia, sores, splinters, stomachache, tumours, urogenital ailments, warts and wounds. 37 In Central Province of Papua New Guinea, the plant is boiled and the solution is taken by patients who pass blood in the urine. The Chinese use the plant to treat fever, dysentery and skin conditions. In the Philippines and Indonesia, the plant is used to treat bowel problems. 8 The latex is used on warts and abscesses. 7

Sweating sickness English

Six to 12 weeks after infection, the patient enters the secondary stage, which features a skin rash that may last for months. The rash has crops of pink or pale red round spots, but in black patients the rash is pigmented and appears darker than normal skin. In addition, the lymph nodes may be enlarged, and there may be backache, headache, bone pain,

Streptobacillus moniliformis

Kidney inflammation (acute glomerulonephritis) is another possible complication of strep throat, which can appear from 10 days to 6 weeks after the throat infection. The bacteria do not directly infect the kidneys instead, the body's immune system response can damage the kidney's filtering mechanism. Warning signs of impending kidney problems include swelling of hands, face, and feet dark or bloody urine headaches vision problems and decreased urinary output. Children usu-

Thuja Occidentalis And Rosacea Aggravations

Fever in children 248-49 headaches 218-19 insomnia 244-45 laryngitis 228-29 sleeplessness in children 248-49 sore throat 226-27 Actaea spicata (Actaea spic.) 120, 276 adolescence, self-help ailments 254-55 Adonis vernalis (Adonis) 121, 277 Aesculus hippocastanum (Aesculus) 121,

Ipomoea pescaprae L Sweet Convolvulaceae Beach Morning Glory Goats Foot Creeper Bayhops

Glory Oil Dermatitis

Traditional Medicinal Uses The juice squeezed from the plant is used by the Malays to treat fish stings. 3 In Burma, infusions of the plant with rusted iron are used to cure gynaecologic haemorrhages. 4 In India, the plant is known to be cooling, astringent and laxative. It is used internally as an emollient in Vietnam. 4,13 The plant has also been administered for headache. 14 In Thailand, it is used to treat dermatitis caused by jellyfish (e.g., Portuguese man-of-war). 15 The leaves are used in Indonesia to hasten the bursting of boils and used externally for injured feet. Sap from the young leaves are boiled in coconut oil and used to treat sores and ulcers. In the Philippines, the

Antecedent Physicalism

With the exception of headaches, there is nothing at all about what it is like to have experiences, in and of itself, that would suggest to one that they are states of the brain. Focusing on our experiences and mental states and asking the question of what sort of things they might be is something we may do for the first time in an introductory philosophy class perhaps reading Descartes' Meditations. It does not seem that we are encountering our own brains' states. But that does not mean that if one is antecedently convinced that mental states are states of the brain, dwelling on what it is like to have experiences should persuade one to give up that view or to deny, as some physicalists think they must, that experiences and their subjective characters have a straightforward and robust existence.

Combined Oral Contraceptives

When some women use the Pill, they have mild side effects such as gaining a few pounds, nausea, headaches, bleeding a little between periods, breast tenderness, and acne. If these bother you, tell the nurse or doctor who prescribed the Pill. It is unusual to have serious side effects, but if you do, call your nurse or doctor right away. These serious effects may be signalled by abdominal pain, very bad headaches, unusual pain in your legs, chest pain, eye problems like blurred vision, or difficulty breathing. Headaches. While taking the Pill, some women develop severe, long-lasting, or recurrent headaches. Women who are prone to migraines may notice an increase in their severity. There is no solid evidence, however, that the Pill increases the frequency of migraines. If your headaches are severe, persistent, and accompanied by vision disturbances, discuss them with your health care provider. You may want to use another form of contraception. If you have occasional migraines that are...

Listeria monocytogenes

Symptoms Healthy adults may not have any symptoms at all or may experience a flulike illness with fever, muscle aches, and nausea or diarrhea. If infection spreads to the nervous system, it can cause a type of meningitis, leading to symptoms including headache, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance, or convulsions. If a pregnant woman develops the infection, she may experience fever, tiredness, headache, sore throat, dry cough, or back pain. After a few days she will feel better but notice that the fetus is not moving she may miscarry up to the sixth month or go into labor prematurely some infants may be stillborn. Complications Adults with impaired immune systems may develop MENINGITIS with fever, intense headache, nausea, and vomiting. This is followed by delirium, coma, collapse, and shock sometimes, abscesses and skin rash appears. As the spirochetes move through the body via the bloodstream, other symptoms affecting other parts of the body may appear. These may include flulike...

Trigeminal Neuralgia On The

Trigeminal Nerve Posterior Auricular

Fig. 5.26 Auricular points proposed by Raphael Nogier for the treatment of migraine (with permission). Fig. 5.26 Auricular points proposed by Raphael Nogier for the treatment of migraine (with permission). the Chinese wrist area (SF2 wan), which has an indication also for general pain and stomach-ache. A further connection with TCM can be made as tenderness of this area goes in parallel with tenderness at pressure of LI4 (hegu), which is an elective point in cases of headache and facial pain.

Indications Bitter Apple

Bacteria (1 ZUL) Bleeding (f ZUL) Bloat (f BIB) Bronchosis (f HDN) Bruise (f GHA) Burn (f UPW) Calculus (f BIB) Cancer (f1 JLH HDN X15527763) Cancer, lung (f1 JLH X15527763) Carbuncle (f BIB) Carcinoma (f JLH) Caries (f UPW) Catarrh (f UPW) Colic (f HDN) Constipation (f BIB) Cough (f UPW) Cramp (f1 HDN) Craw-craw (f HDN) Dandruff (f HDN ZUL) Dermatosis (f HDN) Diarrhea (f HDN UPW) Dysmenorrhea (f HDN) Dyspepsia (f GHA HDN UPW) Earache (f GHA HDN UPW) Edema (f1 HDN) Enterosis (f ZUL) Epilepsy (f HDN) Epistaxis (f BIB) Epithelioma (f JLH) Fever (f1 HDN) Fungus (1 HDN) Gas (f GHA) Gastrosis (f UPW) Gonorrhea (f HDN) Headache (f HDN) Hematuria (f UPW) Hemorrhoid (f GHA) Hepatoma (1 X11108802) Hepatosis (f1 BIB HDN ZUL) Herpes (f HDN) High Blood Pressure (1 HDN) Infection (f1 HDN ZUL) Infertility (f BIB) Inflammation (f1 HDN) Itch (f BIB) Laryngosis (f UPW) Melanoma (f JLH) Myalgia (f HDN) Mycosis (1 HDN) Nephrosis (f BIB) Neuralgia (f UPW) Neurosis (f HDN) Ophthalmia (f UPW) Pain (f HDN...

Plate Ix Skin Alterations Related To Pigmentation Dyschromia Macula Nevus

Tofo Pabellon Auricular Urato Urico

Plate IXA Two spots on the antitragus in a 45-year-old female who had been suffering with chronic migraine for 20 years. Plate IXD Spots and telangiectasia on the fossa triangularis and the upper branch of the anthelix on the left auricle. Aligned with these alterations and point zero are two nevi on the helix. The 41-year-old female had been operated on for a ovarian cyst on the left side and suffered with recurrent cystitis her other symptoms were backache, migraine and asthma.

Jugular foramen syndrome

Glomus Jugulare Angiography

Primary lesions of the jugular foramen include glomus jugulare tumors, schwannomas, and meningiomas. Metastatic lesions to the jugular foramen are more common than primary neoplasms (36,38-42). Glomus jugulare tumors are the most common primary neoplasms of the jugular foramen. These are vascular tumors arising from neuroectodermally derived paraganglia present at the jugular fossa, the inferior tympanic canaliculus, the promontory, and within the vagus nerve. Paraganglia are very similar histologically and embryologically to the adrenal medulla. They, along with their derivative glomus tumors (jugulare and tympanicum), are typically supplied by the inferior tympanic branch of the ascending pharyngeal artery (43) however, the blood supply to glomus tumors may be very extensive, originating from the external carotid, the internal carotid, and the vertebral arteries (44). These tumors are more common in females (6 1 female-to-male ratio) and usually present in middle age. Functional...

Indications Camelthorn

Abscess (f BIB KAB) Adenopathy (f JLH UPW) Anorexia (f BIB SAY) Arthrosis (f GHA) Asthma (f BIB) Atherosclerosis (1 WO3) Bacteria (1 WO2) Biliousness (f DEP) Bleeding (f BIB) Bronchosis (f BIB) Cancer (f JLH) Cancer, abdomen (f JLH) Cancer, gland (f JLH) Cardiopathy (1 X1305866) Cataract (f GHA PAY) Catarrh (f PAY) Cerebrosis (f BIB) Constipation (f PAY) Corneosis (f BIB) Cough (f DEP PAY) Dermatosis (f BIB) Diarrhea (f1 SAY X15138016) Enterosis (f UPW) Epistaxis (f BIB) Fever (f PAY) Gastrosis (f PAY) Gingivosis (f PAY) Halitosis (f PAY) Headache (f BIB WO3) Hematachezia (f PAY) Hemicrania (f BIB KAB) Hemorrhoid (f BIB KAB) High Blood Pressure (1 WO3) High Cholesterol (1 WO3) High Triglycerides (1 WO3) Impotence (f PAY) Infection (f1 PAY WO2) Jaundice (f GHA) Leprosy (f BIB KAB) Migraine (f BIB) Nephrosis (f PAY) Obesity (f1 BIB KAB WO3) Odontosis (f PAY) Opacity (f BIB) Ophthalmia (f KAB) Pain (f1 GHA WO3 X15507342) Polyp (f JLH) Pulmonosis (f JLH PAY WO3) Rheumatism (f PAY WO2)...

Malandrinum Homeopathy For Acne Treatment

Micrurus corallinus (Elaps) 155, 291 migraines 218-19 Atropa belladonna (Belladonna) 39 Cephaelis ipecacuanha (Ipecac.) 45 Lycopodium clavatum (Lycopodium) 218-19 migraines (continued) (Pulsatilla) 218-19 see also headaches mild acne 240-41 mild eczema 240-41 milfoil see Achillea millefolium milk thistle see Silybum marianum Millefolium 300

Migrating pain The worst pain may move from place to place

Another truly maddening aspect of FMS is that the worst pain can be in your lower back today, your neck tomorrow, and maybe in your upper back the next day. Or maybe your whole spinal column is okay now, but you're having a serious problem with pain from irritable bowel syndrome or chronic headaches both common conditions for people with fibromyalgia.

Introduction and description

The genus Nigella contains about 20 species of annual herbs, the most popular of which is Nigella sativa L. It is native to the Mediterranean region through West Asia to northern India and has long been domesticated. It can be frequently found growing wild as a weed in cultivated crops. Nigella as black cumin is mentioned in ancient Greek, Roman and Hebrew texts as a condiment and component of herbal medicines and was reportedly introduced to Britain in 1548. It is a minor seed spice cultivated from Morocco to Northern India in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly Niger and eastern Africa, especially Ethiopia, where it is also reportedly used as a fish poison (Jansen, 1981) and in Russia, Europe and North America. In South-East Asia, Nigella seeds are mainly used for medicinal purpose. Nigella has been used since antiquity by Asian herbalists and pharmacists and was used for culinary purposes by the Romans. The seeds of nigella were found in the tomb of Tutankhamun in ancient Egypt....

Functional properties and toxicity

Nigella is used in Indian medicine as a carminative and stimulant and is used against indigestion and bowel complaints. It is also used to induce post-natal uterine contraction and to promote lactation (Barbara, 2000). Nigella seeds are known from ancient Greece as a remedy for headaches, toothaches and intestinal parasites. Prajapati et al. (2003) have reviewed Nigella with many medicinal properties such as thermogenic, aromatic, carminative, diuretic, emmenagogue, anodyne, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, deodorant,

Applications To Health Promotion And Disease Prevention

Fennel seeds and seed oil (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) are used to promote health, in prevention of diseases, and as a flavoring agent in food items. The seeds are sweet, laxative, stomachic, and stimulant, and are used as an appetizer. They are also used to treat headache, madness, flu, eye problems, weakness of eyesight, as a brain tonic, and in deafness. Restlessness delirium Sleepiness Headache giddiness Flu and cold Seed powder mixed with sweetener and used daily in the evening for some days is advised for headache giddiness (Chughtai, 1950).

Ginseng Panax Species

In general, ginseng is considered safe. Reports of hypertension, insomnia, vomiting, headache, vaginal bleeding, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, and mastalgia have been cited (87). The possibility of an interaction with warfarin (reduced INR) has also been raised (88). Care should be taken in patients on anticoagulants.

Strep throat streptococcal pharyngitis A

A strep throat is different from a run-of-the-mill sore throat that comes along with a cold or the flu. With strep throat, there is no runny nose or cough, and symptoms appear abruptly with a fever as high as 104 degrees F, headache, stomach ache, and a red, swollen throat. By the second day, the throat and tonsils may be covered with white or yellow patches that spread together to cover the entire throat. However, it is possible to have a strep throat without these telltale white patches, or even without a fever.

Carbohydrate Metabolites

Indian breadroot has also been used by Great Plains Indians for its medicinal properties. The Cheyenne Indians used it as a burn dressing and as a diuretic. The Blackfeet Indians brewed a tea from Indian breadroot to treat sore throats, chest problems, gastroenteritis, and to treat earaches. The chewed root was applied to sprains and fractures and would be sprayed into a baby's rectum to treat gas pains. The Arapaho Indians used it as a moisturizer, a tea for headaches, and to clear a throat.

Spinal tap umbar puncture or LP

If your child or teen develops a persistent severe headache following the procedure that lessens while he lies flat, but throbs when he sits up, notify your physician or nurse. Keep your child lying flat, and offer high-caffeine beverages, such as Mountain Dew. If these measures fail to give your child relief, an anesthesiologist sometimes does a procedure called a blood patch. Your child lies in the same position as for the spinal tap. The anesthesiologist will draw a small amount of blood from your child's arm or central line. She will then inject it at the site of the prior spinal tap where CSF may be slowly leaking from the canal into the tissues. If this is the cause of the headache, the relief is immediate. This procedure is generally performed in the recovery room, emergency room, clinic, or inpatient unit. You can stay with your child during the procedure.

Blood poisoning See septicemia

Most transfusions do not cause any problems, but mild side effects may include symptoms of an allergic reaction such as headache, fever, itching, increased breathing effort, or rash. This type of reaction can usually be treated with medication if the child needs more transfusions in the future. Serious reactions are rare. The most common serious side effect is serum hepatitis, an infection of the liver.

Melaleuca cajuputi Roxb Myrtaceae Gelam Paperbark Tree Kayu Puteh

Melaleuca Cajuputi

Traditional Medicinal Uses In Malaysia, it is used for the treatment of colic and cholera. It is also used externally for thrush, vaginal infection, acne, athlete's foot, verruca, warts, insect bites, cold sore and nits. 5 Cajuput oil is distilled from the leaves and used by the Burmese to treat gout. The Indochinese uses cajeput oil for rheumatism and pain in the joints and as an analgesic. 2 The oil is used externally in Indonesia for burns, colic, cramps, earache, headache, skin diseases, toothache and wounds. When administered internally, it can induce sweating and act as a stimulant and antispasmodic. In the Philippines, the leaves are used to treat asthma. 26

Style of Emotional Life

An important aspect of the af fect intensity trait is that we cannot really say whether it is bad or good to be low or high on this trait. Both positive and negative consequences are related to scoring either high or low . High-scoring persons, for example, get a lot of zest out of life, enjoying peaks of enthusiasm, joy , and positive emotional involvement. On the other hand, when things are not going well, high-scoring persons are prone to strong negative emotional reactions, such as sadness, guilt, and anxiety . In addition, because high-scoring persons have frequent experiences of extreme emotions (both positive and negative), they tend to suffer the physical consequences of this emotional involvement. Emotions activate the sympathetic nervous system, making the person aroused. Even strong positive emotions activate the sympathetic nervous system and produce wear and tear on the nervous system. High-scoring persons tend to exhibit physical symptoms that result from their chronic...

Point by point how do you answer charges that

Too much vitamin A causes birth defects, dry skin, scaly skin, headaches, fatigue, painful bones and loss of appetite Too much vitamin D leads to high blood calcium, headaches and appetite loss Vitamin D plays an essential role in the absorption of calcium from the gut and may therefore help prevent osteoporosis and other conditions. Recent tests showed that the majority of elderly people are deficient in vitamin D. The toxic effects of vitamin D have been found only at doses which exceed 2,000 IU per day in adults. This is many times the dose found in multivitamin supplements. The danger occurs when an over-zealous person misguidedly takes prolonged mega doses of the individual vitamin, without having a severe deficiency proven by tests (mega doses of vitamins are sometimes appropriate to deal with deficiency symptoms but this is best administered with the guidance of a nutrition consultant or doctor).

Vitex rotundifolia L f Verbenaceae Round Leaf Chastetree Beach Vitex

Reverse Testicular Atrophy

Traditional Medicinal Uses In Malaysia, various parts of the plants are considered panacea for illnesses ranging from headache to tuberculosis. 10 In China, the plant has been used for the treatment of cancer. 11 A poultice of the leaves is used to treat rheumatism, contusions, swollen testicles and as a dis-cutient in sprains. In Indonesia, leaves have been used in medicinal baths, as a tincture or for intestinal complaints. 10 In Papua New Guinea, sap from crushed heated leaves is diluted with water and drunk to relieve headaches. The fruits are used to expel worms and in Vietnam, a decoction of dried fruits has been used to treat colds, headache, watery eyes and mastitis. 10 In Thailand, fruits have been used for asthmatic cough and haemorrhoids. 10 Infusion of the boiled roots is regarded as diaphoretic and diuretic, drunk for fever, after child-birth and for liver diseases. 10 Adverse Reactions V rotundifolia may trigger various allergic reactions such as sneezing, respiratory...

Adverse Effects And Reactions Allergies And Toxicity

In clinical trials reported by Ngondi et al. (2009), a small number of participants reported difficulty sleeping, headaches, and intestinal flatulence after consumption of IGOB131. These conditions were, however, also reported in participants on placebo, indicating that the effect may not necessarily be due to IG.

Leukotriene Modifiers Safety Considerations

Standard asthma treatments may be complicated by several adverse effects. For instance, p-agonists may cause tachycardia, palpitations, and headaches. Theophylline has a very narrow toxic-therapeutic window, interacts with many medications, and may cause tremors, nausea, and several other ill effects. While systemic corticosteroids have a myriad of adverse effects, including hyperglycemia, growth retardation, hypertension, insomnia, and edema, even inhaled corticosteroids pose risks, including cataracts, thrush, adrenal suppression, and bone loss (162,163). In contrast, the leu-kotriene modifiers continue to have an excellent safety profile and offer the opportunity to minimize dosage and potential risks of many of the aforementioned medications. In the clinical trials leading to the approval of zileuton, zafirlukast, montelukast, and pranlukast, these drugs were very well tolerated and had side-effect profiles similar to those of placebo. The most common adverse effects included...

Indications Dandelion

Abscess (f CRC MAD) Acne (f VAD) Adenopathy (f JLH) Ague (f BIB) Alactea (f LMP PH2) Alcoholism (f SKY) Alzheimer's (1 FNF) Anemia (f1 AAH DEM JFM WAM) Anorexia (12 APA KOM PH2 PIP VAD) Arthrosis (f BIB) Backache (f DEM) Bacteria (1 WOI) Biliary Dyskinesia (2 PIP) Biliousness (f BIB) Bladderstones (2 KOM) Boil (f CRC LMP) Bronchosis (f12 APA BIB LAF) Bruise (f BIB CRC) Cachexia (f NAD) Cancer (f CRC) Cancer, bladder (f JLH) Cancer, bowel (f JLH) Cancer, breast (f CRC JLH) Cancer, liver (f JLH) Cancer, spleen (f JLH) Caries (f CRC LMP) Cardiopathy (f APA BIB) Catarrh (f BIB CRC) Cellulite (1 FT71 S73) Chill (f HJP) Cholecystosis (2 BGB CRC HH3 KOM PH2) Cirrhosis (SKYf ) Cold (1 APA) Colic (1 PH2) Congestion (1 PH2) Conjunctivosis (f AAH AKT) Constipation (f1 FAD SKY FT71 S73) Consumption (f BIB) Cough (f MAD) Cramp (f DEM) Cystosis (1 WAM) Dermatosis (f APA BGB KAP KOM PH2) Diabetes (f1 BIB CRC JFM KOM MAD PH2 X15704495 X14750205) Dropsy (f1 BGB BIB DEM KAP MAD) Dysentery (f AKT)...

Select the points corresponding to one or more syndromes described by TCM

The patient in Figure 10.7A, for example, suffered from chronic migraine the secondary symptoms were eczema, which worsened especially in spring and autumn, blepharitis and constipation. From the point of view of TCM, migraine was defined as the expression of excessive yang and heat in the Liver. Among the points identified with ESRT, four points were selected first were the temple area (former location of taiyang EX2 point) and the liver point. It is noteworthy that the antitragus presented a tiny dyschromia very close to the identified point. The other two points were selected for their internal-external relation with each other (Lung-Large Intestine). In particular, constipation was considered as 'heat in the large intestine' and eczema was considered as heat in the blood. Lung is well known to relate with the external surface of the body and allergy. Fig. 10.7 Selection of points of reduced electrical skin resistance, according to TCM, in a 35-year-old female patient suffering...

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities MCS

MCS is one of the least understood co-morbidities associated with FM. MCS previously has been termed toxic injury, chemical injury syndrome, twentieth century syndrome, sick building syndrome, idiopathic environmental intolerance, and toxic-induced loss of tolerance. Due to alterations in the central nervous system, all people diagnosed with FM are more sensitive to light, noise, smell, and pain. MCS, however, is a more pronounced, debilitating chronic sensitivity to low levels of chemicals or other substances in industrialized society. The most common offenders include smoke, pesticides, plastics, synthetics, petroleum products, and paints. Symptoms are multisystem and can include runny nose, itchy eyes, scratchy throat and scalp, headaches or earaches, sleep disturbance, GI symptoms, cognitive dysfunction, difficulty breathing, and skin rash. A cause for suspicion of MCS occurs when an individual is exposed to a sensitizing agent and improves or resolves completely when the...

History Of Tobacco

In 1570 the tobacco plant had been named nicotiana after Jean Nicot, the French ambassador to Portugal who introduced tobacco to France for medicinal use. Tobacco was said to be useful in the prevention of plague and as a cure for headache, asthma, gout, ulcers, scabies, labor pains, and even cancer. In the late 1500s, Sir Walter Raleigh popularized the smoking of tobacco for ''pleasure'' in the court of Queen Elizabeth (reigned 15581603) from there it spread to other parts of England.

The History Of Herbal Medicine A Capsule Summary

Figure Chinese Traditional Medicine

It has long been known that Native Americans used the native plants surrounding them to treat everything from relieving headaches to curing snakebites. After the general population's 75-year hiatus from folk healing, medicinal herbs are once again gaining popularity in the treatment of disease and illness. However, because of our society's aesthetic influences, there is now more emphasis on the appearance of medicinal plants than before. By this I mean that homeopathy is being used in conjunction with home gardening and landscape design. Therefore, this research project focuses not only on the medicinal values of six herbs (Echinacea purpurea, Achillea millefolium, Verbascum thapsus, Nepeta cataria, Monarda didyma, and Geranium maculatum), but also, on creating a visually stimulating medicinal garden to display these native plants (Figures 4.1 through 4.4). All of my selected medicinal herbs have been used by Native Americans and are still being used by them today. They have used E....

Functions of Neurotransmitters on Different Evolutionary Steps

Arterial pressure is decreased, but increases intracranial pressure that causes headache, smooth musculature of lungs is reduced, causing suffocation, causes the expansion of vessels and the reddening of the skin, the swelling of clothStimulation of the secretion of gastric juice, saliva (digestive hormone)

Anticopper Strategies

The toxic molybdenum dose in humans is uncertain, but it appears that the LOAEL dose is about 1.6 mg kg and the NOAEL dose about 0.9 mg kg in rats. The human equivalent of these is about 26 and 15 milligrams per day, respectively. A dose of 26 milligrams per day is much higher than the 0.2 to 0.5 milligram per day dose commonly prescribed in noncancerous conditions. At high doses, side effects of molybdenum can include aching joints resembling gout, headache, anemia, and adverse effects on fetal development. Anemia and fetal impacts, which were seen in rodents, may be largely caused by low plasma copper concentrations low copper concentrations can produce iron deficiency and inhibit the angiogenesis needed for fetal development.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

The athlete may complain of muscle tightness and pain about the shoulder, neck, and clavicle at the position in the stroke in which the hand enters the water pain in the lower face and ear headache radiating pain into the shoulder, thumb, and index and middle fingers weakness and fatigue of the deltoid, biceps, triceps, or forearm muscles loss of strength of the intrinsic muscles of the hand and inability to control movement of the hand during the sculling motion of the pull-through phase.45

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Symptoms It is characterized by fever, headache, and muscle pain of the chest or abdomen, with nausea and vomiting, giddiness, weakness, photophobia (sensitivity to light), and pain on moving the eyes. It usually passes within a week. Symptoms The fever is characterized by sudden onset of chills and fever, headache, nausea and vomiting, joint pain, and rash that lasts up to a week. While chikungunya is often confused with dengue fever, chikungunya has a shorter period of fever, persistent joint pain, and lack of fatalities.

Rasagiline Adverse Events

Adverse events were no more common with rasagiline than placebo in the TEMPO study (94) of early patients the two most common adverse events were infection and headache. In the active treatment phase, there were no significant differences in the most common adverse events occurring in the second six months of the study (infection, headache, unintentional injury, and dizziness). There were eight newly diagnosed malignancies detected over the 12 months of the TEMPO study including six skin cancers (3 squamous cell, 2 melanoma, 1 basal cell carcinoma). Although this may be higher than what would be expected in the general population, it appears that the risk of skin cancers is higher in PD patients in general and does not appear to be specifically related to rasagiline. Given the potential interaction between tyramine and MAO inhibition, a subset of patients on rasagiline also underwent uneventful tyramine challenge tests and blood pressures were generally unchanged after 75 mg of...

Legionella Pneumophila Cruises Burning Mouth Syndrome

Symptoms Between 2 and 10 days after exposure, symptoms of fever, chills, and cough appear. The cough may be dry or produce sputum some patients may also experience muscle aches, headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, and diarrhea. ness of sudden headache, fever and chills, severe muscle aches, and skin rash appears. Up to 10 percent of infected patients develop a serious systemic form of the illness, called Weil's syndrome. This phase starts a few days after the fever drops fever will return and bacteria may spread to the brain, causing MENINGITIS. Other serious symptoms include jaundice, confusion, depression, or decreased urine. The kidneys are often affected, and liver damage is common. People infected with this potentially fatal form of leptospirosis are usually very ill and are often hospitalized.

What the Law Says About Surrogacy

When a child is born a birth certificate is issued showing the names of the birth mother and her male partner, if she has one. In the case of surrogacy this causes a bit of a headache for legislators. However, in the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Western Australia parentage can be transferred to the commissioning couple, and by the end of 2010 this will also be the case in South Australia. While parentage orders are being developed in a number of states, this is a complex area with many parties involved, so it's important to obtain legal advice in relation to your particular situation.

Perpetuation Of Drug Abuse Euphoria And Withdrawal

The symptoms of withdrawal are fairly specific for each drug and include physiological effects and psychological effects. For example, alcohol withdrawal can be associated with shaking or headaches, and opiate withdrawal with anxiety, sweating, and increases in blood pressure, among other effects. Withdrawal from cocaine may cause depression or sadness, withdrawal from caffeine is associated with headaches, and withdrawal from nicotine often produces irritability. All drug withdrawals are also associated with a strong craving to use more drugs. Much work has been done to document the withdrawal effects from alcohol, opiates, BENZODIAZEPINES, and tobacco however, documentation of withdrawal from cocaine or other stimulant drugs has only recently begun to be examined.

Requirements and Signs of Deficiency

The most characteristic clinical signs of severe niacin deficiency in humans are dermatosis (hyper-pigmentation, hyperkeratosis, desquamation - especially where exposed to the sun), anorexia, achlorhydria, diarrhea, angular stomatitis, cheilosis, magenta tongue, anemia, and neuropathy (headache, dizziness, tremor, neurosis, apathy). In addition to the pellagra caused by dietary deficiency or imbalance, there are also reports of disturbed niacin metabolism associated with phenylketonuria, acute intermittent porphyria, diabetes mellitus, some types of cancer (carcinoid syndrome), thyrotoxicosis, fever, stress, tissue repair, renal disease, iron overload, etc. The picture in other species is not radically different however, deficient dogs and cats typically exhibit 'black tongue' (pustules in the mouth, excessive salivation) and bloody diarrhea, pigs exhibit neurological lesions affecting the ganglion cells, rats exhibit damage to the peripheral nerves (cells and axons), and fowl exhibit...

Major Drug Nutrient Interactions of Clinical Relevance

Flushing, headache, nausea, vomiting, Flushing, headache, nausea, vomiting, tachycardia gastric emptying Decreased blood glucose concentration Hyponatremia, SIADH Flushing, headache, nausea, vomiting, Rushing, headache, nausea, vomiting, Flushing, headache, nausea, vomiting, Binds and insolubilizes iron Decreased intestinal absorption Decreased metabolism, antagonism Headache, redness, itching of eyes and face, chills, diarrhea, palpitation potential hypertensive crisis due to monoamine oxidase inhibitor activity Increased absorption, increased Flushing, headache, nausea, vomiting, absorption Increased absorption Flushing, headache, nausea, vomiting,

Encephalitis lethargica

Symptoms Most people who are infected with the virus have only mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. However, those who develop encephalitis as a result of the virus are usually gravely ill. Within six to eight days after the bite, the disease begins with a flulike illness, with headache, fever, and stomach problems. Confusion and behavior problems appear early in one third of cases, the encephalitis is fatal. Another third survive with serious types of brain damage, including paralysis. The last third recover without any further problems.

Albucasis Cauterization

Zahrawi Miniature

In Albucasis's time many parts of the body and several diseases were treated with cauterization, for example pleurisy, chest complaints, liver abscesses, diseases of the spleen, dropsy, piles and anal fistula, painful menstruation and infertility, toothache, migraine, sciatic pain, etc. In Chapter 5 of his book Albucasis described the following treatment for earache

Fibromyalgia and Men It Isnt Just a Woman Thing

One study, reported in the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology in 2006, looked at the incidence of fibromyalgia based on actual diagnoses made in medical claims from 1997 to 2002. The results were surprising The researchers found that although women were more likely to have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia than men, it was by a much lower ratio (by 1.64 times) than reported in many other studies. They also found that patients with FMS (male and female) were from two to seven times more likely than patients without fibromyalgia to also have other conditions, such as headaches, depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus.

Gavril W Pasternak

A study published in 1999 supported this conclusion (Davidson et al., 1999). The findings suggested that naltrexone reduces the desire and craving for alcohol while sometimes increasing the negative side effects, including headaches. Naltrex-one has been shown to be especially effective when combined with behavioral therapy.

Conceptualization Of Depression And Treatment For Ethnic Minorities

Ethnic differences in worldview or perspective may contribute to differences in how people understand or experience psychological distress. Compared to whites, Latinos are more likely to endorse a more external locus of control, and to believe that their future is fatalistic and dependent upon external natural and supernatural forces. This orientation may explain some Latinos' view that mental illnesses is caused by external factors and express symptoms in physical terms. Thus, Latino patients may report their depression in terms of dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and other physical symptoms (Arce & Torres-Matrullo, 1982). Therefore, clinicians should assess differences in pretreatment presentations for African Americans and Latinos, and take premorbid functioning and life context into account when planning treatment.

Acidum Nitricum For Heartburn

167, 308 Strychnos ignatia see Ignatia amara Strychnos nux-vomica (Nux vomica) 63, 301 colds 63, 224-25 constipation 238-39 cystitis 260-61 fainting 275 headaches 218-19 hiccups 234-35 for self-prescription 216 see also individually by name, e.g., headaches Syphilinum (Syphilinum) 113, 308 Syphilis miasm 20-21 syphilis (remedy) see Syphilinum

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