Piper sarmentosum Roxb Piperaceae Wild Pepper Kadok Sirih Tanah

Piper sarmentosum herb

Piper sarmentosum herb

Close up of Piper sarmentosum flowers and fruits

Description: Piper sarmentosum Roxb. is a climbing herb that can grow up to 10 m long with long runners that can develop into plantlets. Leaves are alternate, simple, 7-14 cm by 6-13 cm, heart-shaped and young leaves have a waxy surface. Flowers are bisexual or unisexual, in terminal or leaf opposite spikes. Fruit is small, dry, with several rounded bulges. Plant has a characteristic pungent odour.[1-5]

Origin: Native to Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam.[5]

Phytoconstituents: Sarmentosine, sarmentine, (+)-sesamin, horsfieldin, brachystamide B, sarmentamide A, B, and C, (+)-asarinin, methyl piperate and others.[6-11]

Traditional Medicinal Uses: The whole plant can be used to treat fever and aids digestion.[3] The fruit is used as an expectorant[6] while the roots are used to treat toothache, fungal dermatitis on the feet, coughing, asthma and pleurisy.[6,12]

Pharmacological Activities: Antibacterial/8,10,13 Antineoplastic,® Antiprotozoal/10,14,15 Antipsychotic,[16] Hypoglycaemic,[17] Antifungal,1[10] Insecticidal,[18,19] Antituberculosis/15 Antimalarial[14] and Antioxidant.[20]

Dosage: No information as yet.

Adverse Reactions: No information as yet.

Toxicity: No information as yet.

Contraindications: No information as yet.

Drug-Herb Interactions: No information as yet.

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