List of Abbreviations and Symbols

a alpha

Al aluminium

AUC area under the curve

P beta cm3 cubic centimetre

5 delta

EC50 effective concentration, i.e. minimum concentration required for 50%

of the test subjects to exhibit the desired response

Y gamma g gramme

IgE immunoglobulin E

kg kilogramme

L litre

LD50 lethal dose, i.e. minimum concentration required to kill 50% of the test subjects mg milligramme ml millimetre mg/kg milligrammes per kilogram of body weight mg/ml milligrammes per millimetre of fluid mg/m2 milligrammes per square metre of body surface area fig microgramme

NO3 nitrate ppm parts per million

% percent

TD50 toxic dose, i.e. minimum concentration required to induce toxicity in 50% of the test subjects

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