Hibiscus tiliaceus L Malvaceae Linden Hibiscus Sea Hibiscus Mahoe

Leaves of Hibiscus tiliaceus Hibiscus tiliaceus flowers

Description: Hibiscus tiliaceus L. is an evergreen coastal tree that can grow up to 10 m tall. Leaves are heart-shaped, 10-15 cm long and wide, leathery and green. The large showy flowers are yellow with maroon centre. Fruit is capsular, subglobose to ovoid, about 2-3 cm long and wide, surrounded by the calyx. Seeds are reniform, smooth and glabrous.[1-4]

Origin: Native to the Pantropic.[4]

Phytoconstituents: Hibiscones A-D, hibiscusin, hibiscusamide, friedelin, epifriedelanol, pachysandiol A and others.[2,5-7]

Traditional Medicinal Uses: In Malaysia and Indonesia, the leaves are considered cooling and are used to treat fever. They are also used as a soothing agent and to remove phlegm from the respiratory passages.[2] The flowers are widely used as a means of birth control in traditional medicine in Asian and African countries.[8] In the Philippines, the mucilaginous water obtained by soaking the fresh bark in water is prescribed for dysentery[2] while the root is an ingredient of embrocations and is used as a febrifuge.[8]

Pharmacological Activities: Tyrosinase inhibitory,[9] Antioxidant[10,11] and Cytotoxic.[5]

Dosage: No information as yet.

Adverse Reactions: No information as yet. Toxicity: No information as yet. Contraindications: No information as yet. Drug-Herb Interactions: No information as yet.

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