Balsam Plant

Impatiens balsamina plants

Description: Impatiens balsamina L. is an annual, erect, succulent plant, which is about 30-90 cm tall. Leaves are simple, alternate, 15 cm long, serrated and arranged spirally. Flowers are white, pink, purple or variegated and usually in leaf axils. Fruits are capsular, tomentose and contain several seeds.[1-5]

Origin: Native to India.[5]

Phytoconstituents: Impatienol, pelargonidine, delphinidine, cyanidine, balsaminones A and B, hosenkosides F-O and others.[4,6-10]

Traditional Medicinal Uses: A lotion of fresh leaves is used to treat eczema, itches and insect bites.[4] In Vietnam, decoctions of leaves are used to stimulate growth and to wash hair.[4] The juice is also used for warts, cancer treatment and expectorant.[11] A decoction of flowers is taken for infections, vomiting, urine retention and as a tonic. In India, flowers are regarded as cooling, tonic and useful when applied to burns and scalds.[4] The flowers are also used for lumbago and intercostal neuralgia, snakebite, improves circulation and relieves stasis.[11] In Japan, juice squeezed from the white flower petals are applied on the skin to alleviate dermatitis.[6] In China, the seeds are prescribed for difficult labour, puerperal pains, difficult menstruation, cough, hiccups and poisonings. The seeds are mixed with arsenious acid for removing teeth.[4] In Malaysia, the seeds are taken for gastrointestinal tract cancer, and to dislodge fish or chicken bones in throat.[4]

Pharmacological Activities: Antibacterial,[1215] Antihypotensive,[1617] Antifungal,[18] Anti-inflammatory[4-8] and Antipruritic.[619]

Dosage: No information as yet.

Adverse Reactions: No information as yet.

Toxicity: No information as yet.

Contraindications: No information as yet.

Drug-Herb Interactions: No information as yet.

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