Talh acacia seyal delile fabaceae

I will plant in the wilderness... the Shittah tree.

Isaiah 41:19 (KJV)

I tend to side with Zohary, who identified the shittah as Acacia tortilis (q.v.). Still, according to Walker (1957), the Shittah tree is mentioned in the Bible only once but its wood is referred to many times as shittim, which is the plural of shittah in Hebrew. It was natural for Moses to turn to shittim to build the Ark of the Covenant and the Tabernacle. No one is sure which species of Acacia was meant.

Common Names (Talh):

'Alk (Arab.; BOU); Abre a Gomme (Fr.; BOU); Buffalo Thorn (Eng.; UPW); Bulkia (Gambia; UPW); Daci (Niger; UPW); Dedera el Beida (Arab.; Sen.; UPW); Goga (Ghana; UPW); Gomme Friable (Fr.; UPW); Gum Talha (Eng.; Trade.; AH2); Mimosa Epineux (Fr.; UPW); Sadra Bed (Arab.; Mauritania; UPW); Sase (Upper Volta; UPW); Seyal (Arab.; BOU); Seyal Acacia (Eng.; FAC); Shittah Tree (Eng.; BOU); Shittim Tree (Eng.; Ocn.; AH2; BOU); Sittim Wood (Eng.; FAC); Suakim (Trade; UPW); Talca (Ocn.; AH2); Talakh (Ber.; BOU); Talh (Scn.; AH2); Tamat (Ber.; BOU); Tefi (Ber.; BOU); Teleh (Arab.; Mali; UPW); Thala (Ber.; BOU); Thirsty Thorn (Eng.; BOU; UPW); Thirty Thorn (Eng.; USN); Tutampolel (Nig.; UPW); Whistling Tree (Ocn.; AH2); Whistling Wood (Eng.; USN); White Galled Acacia (Eng.; UPW); White Whistling Thorn (Eng.; UPW).

Activities (Talh):

Analgesic (f; BOU); Aphrodisiac (f; UPW); Astringent (f; UPW); Diuretic (f; UPW); Emollient (f; UPW); Febrifuge (f; UPW); Hemostat (f; UPW); Insectifuge (f; UPW); Pediculifuge (f; UPW); Stimulant (f; UPW).

Indications (Talh):

Biliousness (f; UPW); Aphrodisiac (f; UPW); Bleeding (f; UPW); Burn (f; UPW); Cancer (f1; UPW); Cold (f; BOU); Conjunctivosis (f; UPW); Diarrhea (f; UPW); Dysentery (f; UPW); Enterosis (f; DAW); Fever (f; BOU; UPW); Gastrosis (f; BOU); Gonorrhea (f; UPW); Headache (f; UPW); Impotence (f; UPW); Inflammation (f; BOU); Jaundice (f; UPW); Leprosy (f; UPW); Lice (f; UPW); Ophthalmia (f; UPW); Pain (f; BOU; UPW); Puerperium (f; BOU); Respirosis (f; BOU); Rheumatism (f; BOU; UPW); Snakebite (f; UPW); Syphilis (f; UPW); Ulcer (f; BOU); Venereal Disease (f; UPW).

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