Cassia acutifolia Delile; Cassia angustifolia Vahl; Cassia lanceolata Forssk.; Cassia senna L.; Senna acutifolia (Delile) Batka; Senna angustifolia (Vahl) Batkafide AH2.

tender leaves and blanched in Madrid; flowers used to

Notes (Alexandrian Senna):

And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush; and he looked, and behold, the bush burned with fire, yet it was not consumed.

And the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire out of the midst of a bush; and he looked, and lo, the bush was burning, yet it was not consumed.

Then Jehovah's angel appeared to him in a flame of fire in the midst of a thornbush. As he kept looking; why, here the thornbush was burning with the fire, and the thornbush was not consumed.

Zohary (1982) argues convincingly that the plant called sneh should be translated Senna, not Acacia nilotica as Moldenke and Tristam concluded, or Rubus as other scholars had concluded. Why? Because Acacia nilotica and Rubus do not occur on the Sinai, (Fonck even suggests it might be a hawthorn, perhaps Crataegus sinaica). He concludes that "the most plausible explanation for sneh is Cassia senna named sene in all Arabic-speaking countries." The taxonomic name has changed to Senna alexandrina but sene persists in most Arabic quarters. Zohary makes one of his few medicinal observations: "It is known medically as a stimulant and purgative, under the name folia sennae." Writing concerning (ZOH) Lebanon, my friend Jane Philips says that the dried leaves and pods are a nostrum in the Middle East — the drinkers, usually elderly, sipping their unpleasant brew slowly, and sometimes complaining about their chronic constipation. The nostrum is also believed to purify the blood, alleviate hemorrhoids, and serves as a general alterative and tonic for the nervous system. Borelli et al. (2005), evaluating the carcinogenic potential of anthraquinones, found instead that senna pod extracts might exert antitumor activity on rat colon carcinogenesis (X16008128).

Common names (Alexandrian Senna):

Agerger (Ber.; BOU); Alexandrian Senna (Eng.; USN); Alexandrinische Senna (Ger.; USN); Bhui-khakhasa (Hindi; KAB; WO2); Bhuitarvada (Mar.; DEP; WO2); Bhumiari (Sanskrit; KAB; WO2); Bhumichari (Sanskrit; KAB); Bhumivalli (Sanskrit; KAB); Bombay. Senna (Eng.; WO2); Casse (Fr.; USN); Casse à Feuilles Étroites (Fr.; BOU); Casse Trompeuse (Fr.; BOU); Chiieh-Ming (China; EFS); Fan Hsieh Yeh (China; EFS; KAB); Fan Xie Ye (Pin.; AH2); Hemapatri (Sanskrit; KAB); Hemapatrika (Sanskrit; KAB); Hindisana (Hindi; India; DEP; EFS); Hindisana Kapat (Hindi; DEP; KAP); Indian Senna (Eng.; BOU; USN); Jalatika (Sanskrit; KAB); Jian Ye Fan Xie (Pin.; AH2); Kalyani (Sanskrit; KAB); Kattunilavirai (Tam.; KAB); Lotus Senna (Eng.; KAB); Mahaushadbi (Sanskrit; KAB); Malaharini (Sanskrit; KAB); Markandika (Sanskrit; KAB); Mecca Senna (Eng.; IHB); Medicinal Senna (Eng.; KAB); Middiawal (Guj.; WO2); Mrudirechani (Sanskrit; KAB); Mul-cacha (Mah.; Mar.; DEP; NAD); Naelaponna (Tel.; NAD); Natkisana (Dec.; KAB); Natkisanapatta (Dec.; KAB); Natkisona (Dec.; DEP; NAD); Nattunelavarai (Tam.; WO2); Nattu Nila Virai (Tam.; WO2); Neelaponna (Tel.; WO2); Neelatangeedu (Tel.; WO2); Nellatangedu (Tel.; MPI); Nelavagai (Tam.; WO2); Nelavari (Sing.; Sin.; KAB; NAD); Nelavarike (Kan.; WO2); Nila Vakai (India; Tam.; EFS; MPI; NAD); Nilavaka (Mal.; KAP; NAD); Nilavaki (Mal.; WO2); Nilavari (Sindh KAB; NAD); Nilavirai (Tam.; NAD); Nilavitai (Kan.; NAD); Nubian Senna (Eng.; IHB); Pero Sama

FIGURE 1.103 Alexandrian Senna (Senna alexandrina).

e Hindi (Arab.; EFS); Pitapushpi (Sanskrit; KAB; WO2); Puve Kain Yoe (Burma; DEP; KAB; NAD); Rechani (Sanskrit; KAB); Sana (Arab.; GHA); Sana-e-Hindi (Arab.; Iran; DEP; NAD); Sana Hhigazf (Arab.; Syria; HJP); Sanakola (Sindh.; KAB; NAD); Sania (Aramaic; ZOH); Sanna Makki (Arab.; Beng.; GHA; WO2); Sana Sa'idi (Arab.; Syria; HJP); Sen de España (Sp.; USN); Sena (It.; Malaya; EFS); Sena Alejandrina (Sp.; USN); Senamakki (Beng.; Guj.; DEP; NAD; WO2); Sene (Arab.; ZOH); Séné (Fr.; BOU); Séné d'Egypte (Fr.; USN); Senna (Arab.; Eng.; Dutch; Ger.; EFS; USN); Senna Bush (Eng.; ZOH); Senna Haram (Arab.; BOU); Senna Hindi (Arab.; BOU); Senna

Makki (Arab.; GHA); Senna Mekki (Arab.; BOU); Senna Sa'eidi (Arab.; BOU); Senne (Den.; EFS); Shonamakhi (Mar.; WO2); Shonamukhi (Oriya; Uriya; KAB; WO2); Shonpat (Beng.; DEP); Siah Yip (China; Malaya; EFS; KAB); Sinamekia Agaci (Tur.; EFS); Sneh (Heb.; ZOH); Sona Mukhi (India; Sanskrit; EFS); Sonaehindi (Iran; KAB); Sonamakki (Mah.; NAD); Sonpat (Beng.; DEP; WO2); Soonamukhi (Kan.; WO2); Sooranatnila Avarai (Tam.; WO2); Stholotpala (Sanskrit; KAB); Sunnamukhi (Mal.; WO2); Svarnamukhi (Sanskrit; KAB); Svarnapatri (Ayu.; AH2); Svarnapatrika (Sanskrit; KAB); Svarnini (Sanskrit; KAB); Swarnamakhi (Sanskrit; WO2); Swarnapatrika (Sanskrit; WO2); Ta Hwai Yeh (China; KAB); Tinnevelly Senna (Eng.; BOU; USN); True Senna (Eng.; Ocn.; AH2; USN); Ye Fan Xie (Pin.; AH2).

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