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Platanus vulgaris Sah. fide DEP Notes (Oriental Plane Tree):

And Jacob took him rods of green poplar, and of the hazel and chestnut tree; and pilled white strakes in them, and made the white appear which was in the rods.

Genesis 30:37 (KJV)

Jacob Stripping Bark Genesis Image
FIGURE 1.84 Oriental Plane Tree (Platanus orientalis).

Then Jacob took fresh rods of poplar and almond and plane, and peeled white streaks in them, exposing the white of the rods.

Genesis 30:37 (RSV)

Then Jacob took for his use staffs still moist of the storax tree and of the almond tree and of the plane tree and peeled in them white peeled spots by laying bare white places which were upon the staffs.

Genesis 30:37 (NWT)

Here the KJV version renders the Hebrew armon to chestnut while the RSV more properly renders it to plane tree. (I will puzzle over the hazel in the KJV as opposed to almond elsewhere, but I do not remember the hazel being biblical. And then I will puzzle over the storax in the NWT as opposed to the poplar in the KJV and RSV). Life gets complicated. The plane tree is oft cultivated and highly valued as an ornamental tree. It is said to be the tree under which Socrates enthralled his students. It has a short trunk, a roundish spreading crown, and is mostly grown for shade in parks and on roadsides. Seldom felled, it is allowed to grow to large dimensions. The wood is white, tinged with yellow or red; heartwood not distinct, fine-grained, moderately hard and heavy (weight circa 657 kg/cu. m), but strong. It warps during seasoning and is durable only under cover. It is easy to saw and presents a decorative figure when quarter sawn. It can be finished to a smooth surface that takes a beautiful polish. In Kashmir, the wood is mostly used for small boxes, trays, and similar articles that are lacquered and painted. In western Asia and Europe, it is used for cabinet making, furniture, veneers, carving, coach building, general turnery, and for wood pulp. It has been reported to be suitable for boot lasts (BIB).

Common Names (Oriental Plane Tree):

Aramon (f; KAB); Armon (Heb.; ZOH); Asiatische Platane (Ger.; EFS); Bhunj (Kas.; KAB); Boin (Kas.; DEP; KAB); Bonin (Kas.; DEP; KAB); Buin (India; Kas.; EFS; KAB; NAD); Buna (Kas.; DEP; KAB); Chanar (Pun.; DEP; KAB); Chinar (Chaman; Eng.; Iran; Pishin; Pun.; Quetta; Rus.; Urdu; EFS; DEP; KAB); Chintar (Pushtu; DEP; KAB); Qinar (Tur.; EFS); Dilba (Arab.; Aramaic; ZOH); Dulah (Iran; KAB); Jing Tu Shu (China; USN); Morgenländische Platane (Ger.; EFS); Oosterse Plataan (Dutch; EFS); Oriental Plane Tree (Eng.; EFS; USN; ZOH); Plataan (Dutch; KAB); Platan (Rom.; KAB); Platane (Fr.; Ger.; KAB); Platane d'Oreint (Fr.; EFS); Platano (It.; Por.; EFS; KAB); Plátano de Levante (Sp.; EFS); Plátano de Sombre (Sp.; EFS); Plátano do Oriente (Por.; EFS); Nscn.

Activities (Oriental Plane Tree):

Antirheumatic (f; EFS); Antiscorbutic (f; EFS); Antiseptic (1; X8302950); Bactericide (1; X8302950); Cyanogenic (1; EB30:402); Cytotoxic (1; X10712831); Gram(+)-icide (1; X8302950); Gram(-)-icide (1; X8302950); Tonic (f; EFS); Vulnerary (f; BIB).

Indications (Oriental Plane Tree):

Bacteria (1; X8302950); Bite (f; KAB); Bronchosis (f; KAB); Cancer (f1; JLH; X10712831); Carcinoma (f; BIB); Diarrhea (f; DEP; NAD; WOI); Dysentery (f; WOI); Hernia (f; BIB); Infection (1; X8302950); Inflammation (f; BIB); Leukemia (1; X10712831); Leukorrhea (f; KAB); Nephrosis (f; KAB); Ophthalmia (f; DEP; EFS; NAD); Pharyngosis (f; KAB); Pulmonosis (f; KAB); Rheumatism (f; EFS); Scurvy (f; EFS); Sore Throat (f; KAB); Toothache (f; BIB); Tumor (f; BIB); Voice (f; KAB); Wound (f; KAB).

Dosages (Oriental Plane Tree):

• Asian Indians suggest applying bruised leaves to the eye in ophthalmia (DEP; KAB).

• Asian Indians suggest bark, boiled in vinegar, for diarrhea, dysentery, hernia, and toothache (DEP; KAB).

• Unani use the bark for animal bites and leucoderma, the fruits and leaves for lacryma-tion, leucoderma, ophthalmia, toothache, and wounds, and disorders of the kidney, lungs, throat, and voice (KAB).

Natural History (Oriental Plane Tree):

Affected by the leaf spot disease caused by Stigmina platani and S. visianica. Dead wood attacked by beetles Aeolesthes sarta, Batocera rufomaculata, and Capnoidis miliaris (WOI).

Extracts (Oriental Plane Tree):

Contains active allantoin and asparagine (EFS).

Demetzos et al. (2000) isolated antileukemic cytotoxic compounds (platanoside and tilirioside) from methanolic bud extracts (X10712831). Mitrokotsa et al. (1993) studied antimicrobial activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative organisms (X8302950).

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