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There are so few ethnobotanical data on the many species of this genus (ten in Israel alone) that I have taken the generic approach here. Zohary lists two quotes of place names in 1 Chronicles that he thinks trace back to the Hebrew shahor, Ashhur (1 Chronicles 4:5) and Sheharaih (1 Chronicles 8:26). Saline deserts are also mentioned three times as mlehah but nowhere is the plant mentioned by the plant's name, although it is one of the most frequent components of this characteristic vegetation type (ZOH). Yemeni extract a black dye from stems of S. monoica mixed with henna (GHA). The KAB common names apply either to Suaeda fruticosa and/or Suaeda monoica. DEP entries apply to S. fruticosa, S. maritima, and S. nudiflora.

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