Notes Brittle Willow

... the willows of the brook compass him about.

FIGURE 1.99 Brittle Willow (Salix fragilis).

FIGURE 1.99 Brittle Willow (Salix fragilis).

Zohary does not list this among the species of the Holy Land; thus, I think it highly unlikely that this is, in fact, the biblical willow (ZOH). The tree is cultivated in fuel plantations on swampy ground in India. The wood, soft, light, and even grained, is said to be more durable than other willows and is suitable for cricket bats. It is also employed in the match industry. Charcoal made from the wood is used for gunpowder. In Iran, the tree is reported to yield a sweet manna-like exudation.

Twigs are employed for basketry. This is one of the many "herbalist's aspirin." Tannin and gallic acid might explain the anticancer activity (BIB).

Common Names (Brittle Willow):

Brittle Willow (Eng.; Scn.; AH2; USN); Bruchweide (Ger.; HH3); Crack Willow (Eng.; Ocn.; AH2; BIB; DEP; HH3; USN); Kashmir. Willow (Eng.; BIB; WOI); Knackweide (Ger.; HH3; USN); Red-Wood Willow (Eng.; BIB; DEP); Saule Fragile (Fr.; HH3); Saule Rouge (Fr.; HH3); Tilhang (Lahoul; DEP); White Welsh Willow (Eng.; HH3); Zerbrechliche Weide (Ger.; HH3).

Activities (Brittle Willow):

Antiperiodic (f1; BIB; DAW); Antirheumatic (f; BIB); Astringent (f; DAW); Hemostat (f; DEM); Sedative (f1; DAW); Vulnerary (f; DEM).

Indications (Brittle Willow):

Bleeding (f; DEM); Cancer (f1; BIB; JLH); Cold (1; DAW); Fever (f1; DAW); Herpes (f; BIB); Infection (f; BIB); Insomnia (1; DAW); Malaria (f1; BIB; DAW); Rheumatism (f1; DAW); Sore (f; DEM); Tumor (f; JLH); Virus (f; BIB).

Dosages (Brittle Willow):

Leaves used as manna, eaten as food (FAC). • Iranian writers suggest the manna for herpes (BIB).

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