Jointed anabasis anabasis articulata forssk moq chenopodiaceae

Notes (Jointed Anabasis):

Genesis 46:16 (KJV)

Zohary, equating Shuni with Anabasis, believes that "there must have been Hebrew names for a species predominant through hundreds of miles of the Judaean Desert, the Negev, Edom and elsewhere. ... These names, while not finding a place among the flora of the Bible, have survived as proper names in Hebrew and as plant names in Arabic" (ZOH). It is one of the most common desert dwarf shrubs, often dominating the vegetation type, enduring extreme drought for several consecutive years. Several of the 25 species in the genus contain the alkaloid anabasine. This species, rich in potassium and saponins, is used as a detergent. Dried plants are collected as fuel.

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