Indications Vetiver

Amenorrhea (f; KAB); Asthma (f; ZUL); Bacteria (f1; MAF; X10438227); Biliousness (f; IHB; KAB); Bladderstones (f; IHB); Boils (f; MAF; SKJ); Bugbite (f; MAF); Burns (f; MAF; SKJ); Cancer (f; UPW); Cardiopathy (f; NAD); Cerebrosis (f; KAB); Chlamydia (f; MAF); Cholera (f; MAF;

MHK; NAD); Colic (f; WOI); Dandruff (1; JAR12:83); Dermatosis (f1; EGG; MAF; JAR12:83); Diabetes (1; MAF); Eczema (f; MAF); Enterosis (f; HOC; VOD); Epilepsy (f; SKJ); Fever (f; JFM; KAB; MAF); Flu (f; JFM; UPW; ZUL); Fungus (f1; MAF; JAR12:83); Gas (f; WOI); Gastrosis (f; IHB; MAF); Halitosis (f; KAB); Hangover (f1; JAD); Headache (f; JFM; KAB; NAD); Hemato-sis (f; KAB); Hepatosis (f; AHL); Infection (f1; MAF; JAR12:83); Inflammation (f; MAF; MHK); Insomnia (f; MAF); Lumbago (f; WOI); Malaria (f; MAF; SKJ; ZUL); Mycosis (f1; EGG; MAF; JAR12:83); Nausea (f; MHK); Nesseria (f; MAF); Neuralgia (f; HOC; JFM); Neurosis (f; MAF); Odontosis (f; MAF); Pain (f; MAF; VOD); Palpitation (f; NAD); Parasite (f; VOD); PID (f; MAF); Pleurisy (f; JFM; UPW; ZUL); Puerperium (f; IHB); Rheumatism (f; JFM; WOI); Septicemia (f; MAF); Snakebite (f; SKJ); Spermatorrhea (f; KAB); Sprain (f; WOI); Staphylococcus (f1; MAF; X10438227); Stings (f; SKJ); Stomatosis (f; MAF; SKJ); Toothache (f; MAF); Trichophyton (1; JAR12:83); UTI (f; MAF); Vomiting (f; WOI); Yellow Fever (f; UPW).

Dosages (Vetiver):

Khus essence and khus water used in India for flavoring sherberts, syrup sweets, and fruit drinks. Vetiver extracts added to canned asparagus to enhance the flavor (FAC). "Root yields an essential oil used in sherberts" (TAN). Grass used in cigarettes (NAD). Used in Australian barbecued rat recipe: "Fatten the rat on vetiver roots and marinate the meat in its young shoots" (Mark Dafforn, personal communication, 2006). 3.9 g powdered herb boiled in 50 ml water for UTIs and malaria (MAF). Chew 2 g root up to 4 x/day for toothache (MAF). Two minims essence for nausea of cholera.

• Asian Indians suggest (but I do not) smoking the herb with benzoin for headache (NAD).

• Asian Indians suggest vetiver roots with those of sunflower (American) and Marsilea for malaria (SKJ).

• Asian Indians use the roots on abdominal tumors (JLH; UPW).

Ayurvedics consider the root alexiteric, antibilious, astringent, depurative, and stomachic, suggesting it for burning sensations, fever, halitosis, strangury, and thirst (KAB).

• Americans anecdotally report that vetiver tea does wonders for tequila hangovers (Mark Dafforn, personal communication, 2006).

• Malayans failed in planting vetiver acreage to repel mosquitoes (UPW); they apply as perfume.

• Mauritians use root as abortifacient (UPW).

• Nigerians use the root in water purification (UPW).

• Peruvians suggest the decoction or tincture topically for dermatoses (e.g., fungal infections) (EGG).

• Philippinos use roots in gastrosis, and as a litholytic in bladder stones (IHB).

• Puerto Ricans use root tea as analgesic, carminative, stomachic, sudorific, for headache, neuralgia, and rheumatism (JFM).

• Trinidadans use the tea for fever, flu, pleurisy, and yellow fever (JFM; UPW).

• Unani consider the bitter root cardiotonic, cerebrotonic, depurative, soporific, using for headache, palpitations, and spermatorrhea (KAB; NAD).

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