Indications Spiny Cocklebur

Bacillus (1; MPG; X9364417); Bacteria (1; MPG); Blennorrhagia (f; MPG); Boil (f; HJP); Cancer (1; MPG); Cold (f; VAD); Cramp (f; VAD); Cystosis (f; VAD); Diarrhea (f; VAD); Dysentery (f; HJP); Dyspepsia (f; HJP); Dysuria (f; MPG); Edema (f; VAD); Epilepsy (f; HJP); Fever (f; VAD); Flu (f; VAD); Gout (f; VAD); Headache (f; MPG); Hepatosis (f; MPG); High Blood Pressure (f; VAD); Infection (f1; MPG; VAD; WOI); Inflammation (f; VAD); Insomnia (f; HJP); Klebsiella (1; X9364417); Leukemia (1; MPG); Malaria (f; EFS); Micrococcus (1; MPG); Nephrosis (f; MPG); Obesity (f; VAD); Oliguria (f; VAD); Pain (f; HJP); Pharyngosis (f; MPG); Pneumonia (1; X9364417); Pseudomonas (1; X9364417); Pyelosis (f; VAD); Rabies (f; HJP); Rheumatism (f; HJP); Salmonella (1; X9364417); Scrofula (f; EFS); Snakebite (f; DAW); Sore (f; HJP); Sore Throat (f; MPG); Splenosis (f; MPG); Staphylococcus (1; X9364417); Stress (f; HJP); Ulcer (f; HJP); Urethrosis (f; VAD); Urolithiasis (f; VAD); Uterosis (f; MPG); Wound (f; VAD).

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