Indications Purple Star Thistle

Amenorrhea (f; BOU); Anorexia (f; BOU; VAD); Bacteria (1; MPG); Brucella (1; MPG); Cancer (f; BIB; JLH); Cold (f; VAD); Corns (f; JLH); Diabetes (f1; MPG; VAD); Dyskinesia (f; VAD); Fever (f; BIB; EFS); Fistula (f; BIB; WO2); Flu (f; VAD); Gallstone (f; HJP); Gravel (f; BIB; WO2); Headache (f; BOU); High Blood Pressure (1; MPG); Hyperglycemia (f; VAD); Infection (1; MPG); Jaundice (f; BIB); Kidney stone (f; HJP); Malaria (f; BOU); Mycobacterium (1; MPG); Nephrosis (f; BOU; HJP); Ophthalmia (f; BOU); Pain (f; BOU); Pseudomonas (1; MPG); Salmonella (1; MPG); Staphylococcus (1; MPG); Stone (f; BIB; BOU; WO2); Wound (f; BOU); Worm (f; BOU).

Delicious Diabetic Recipes

Delicious Diabetic Recipes

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