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Abrasion (1; CAN); Adnexitis (f; MAD); Alopecia (f; MAD; NAD); Amenorrhea (f; BGB; DEP; FEL; MAD; NAD; PH2); Aphthae (1; CAN); Arthrosis (1; GHA); Arteriosclerosis (f; MAD); Asthma (f1; APA; DEP; FEL); Athlete's Foot (1; SKY); Bacteria (1; JNP64:1460); Bedsores (f; APA); Bladder stone (f; BIB); Boils (f; PNC); Bronchosis (f1; APA; BGB; DEP; FEL); Bruise (f; BOW); Cancer (f; APA; PH2); Cancer, abdomen (f; PH2); Cancer, colon (f; PH2); Candidiasis (f1; BGB; NAD); Canker Sore (1; APA; SKY); Carbuncle (f; PH2); Caries (f; FEL; NAD); Catarrh (f; BGB; CAN; FEL); Chilblain (f; BIB); Chlorosis (f; BIB; DEP; NAD); Circulosis (f; BOW); Cold (f1; BGB; CAN; GHA; SKY); Congestion (f1; APA; BGB; DEP); Consumption (f; MAD); Cough

(f; PH2); Dandruff (1; JAR12:83); Decubitis (f; BGB; BOW); Dermatosis (1; APA; MAD; PH2; WI3); Diabetes (f1; JNP64:1460; X12506289); Diarrhea (f; MAD; JNP64:1460); Dicrocoeliasis (12; X15287191); Diptheria (f; NAD); Dropsy (f; BIB); Dysentery (f; MAD); Dyslactea (f; DEP); Dysmenorrhea (f1; BGB; NAD; PH2); Dyspepsia (f; APA; DEP; FEL; GHA; NAD); Dysuria (f; MAD); Earache (f; BIB); Edema (1; X9582001); Enterosis (f; DEP; PH2); Epilepsy (f; DEP); Erysipelas (f; MAD); Fascioliasis (12; X5125536); Fever (f; BIB; DEP; GHA; MAD); Fracture (f; GHA); Freckle (f; MAD); Fungus (1; JNP64:1460); Furunculosis (1; CAN; PH2); Gangrene (f; FEL); Gas (f; APA; DEP; MAD); Gastrosis (f; FEL; PH2; PNC; JNP64:1460); Gingivosis (f1; APA; DEP; FEL; PNC; SKY); Gleet (f; FEL); Gonorrhea (f; FEL); Halitosis (f; FEL); Hemorrhoids (f; APA; BGB; BIB; GHA); Hepatosis (f1; MAD; X15125513); Hoarseness (f; APA); Hypothyroidism (1; WAF); Impotence (f; GHA); Infection (f12; DEP; PH2; JNP64:1460); Infertility (f; MAD); Inflammation (f1; BGB; DEP; GHA; PH2; WI3); Itch (f1; WI3); Laryngitis (f; FEL); Leprosy (f; APA); Leukorrhea (f; FEL; MAD); Menopause (1; BGB); Menorrhagia (f; MAD); Mononucleosis (f; BOW); Mucososis (f1; APA; DEP; FEL; PH2; WI3); Mycosis (1; JNP64:1460); Odontosis (f; MAD); Ophthalmia (f; BIB; DEP); Orchosis (f; DEP); Osteoalgia (f; BGB); Otosis (f; BOW); Pain (1; JNP64:1460); Parasite (f12; DEP; X15287191); Pharyngosis (f12; APA; FEL; KOM; MAD; PH2; PNC; WI3); Phthisis (f; NAD); Pruritis (f1; WI3); Pulmonosis (f; DEP; MAD); Respirosis (f; BGB); Rheumatism (f; BGB); Rhinosis (f; APA; BIB); Salpingitis (f; MAD); Schistosomiasis (12; X15287168; X15125513); Sinusitis (1; APA); Snakebite (f; GHA); Sore (f1; APA; DEP; FEL; PNC); Sore Throat (f12; BGB; DEP; FEL: KOM; MAD; SKY); Stitch (f; MAD); Stomatosis (f12; APA; DEP; KOM; MAD; NAD; PH2; PIP; WI3); Swelling (f1; APA; X9582001); Thrombosis (1; X10353165); Tonsilosis (1; APA; BGB; FEL; PNC); Toothache (f; GHA); Tuberculosis (f; MAD); Tumor (f1; DEP; X7956458); Ulcer (f; APA; PH2; X11113992); Uterosis (f; MAD); Uvulosis (f; FEL); Venereal Disease (f; FEL); Water Retention (f; MAF); Weaning (f; GHA); Worm (f; DEP; FEL; MAD); Wound (f; APA; BGB); Wrinkle (f; MAD); Yeast (f1; BGB; NAD).

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