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Acne (f; MCK); Ague (f; GMH); Allergy (f1; MCK; ACT9:251); Amenorrhea (f; MCK; NP9(2):6); Anorexia (2; FAD; PHR); Anthrax (f; BIB); Arthrosis (f; ACT9:251); Asthma (f1; BIB; ACT9:251); Atherosis (1; X15617879); Biliousness (f; GMH; WOI); Bleeding (f; BIB; HHB; NP9(2):6); Bron-chosis (f; BIB; BOU; EB49:406); Calculus (f; BIB; WOI); Cancer (f; JLH; WOI; NP9(2):6); Cancer, bladder (f1; NP9(2):6); Cancer, breast (f1; HHB; JLH; MAB); Cancer, cervix (f1; HC020444-262); Cancer, colon (f1; FNF; JN133:3861S); Cancer, lung (f1; X15224346); Cancer, nose (f; HHB; JLH); Cancer, ovary (f1; HC020444-262); Cancer, prostate (f1; X15899838); Cancer, skin (f1; HC020444-262; NP9(2):6; X15586237); Cancer, tongue (f1; HC020444-262); Cardiopathy (1; X15617879); Catarrh (f; BIB; GMH); Cerebrosis (f; ACT9:251); Childbirth (f; HHB); Cholecocystosis (2; APA; BIB; PHR; PH2); Cholelithiasis (f; MCK); Cirrhosis (2; BGB; KOM; PH2; SHT); Colic (f; HH3; PH2); Colitis (f; ACT9:251); Congestion (f; MCK); Constipation (f; MCK); Cough (f; BIB); Cramp (f; BIB); CTS (f1; ACT9:251; HC020444-262); Cystosis (f; HH3); Depression (f; BIB; HC020444-262); Dermatosis (f1; BIB; MCK; PED); Diabetes (f1; MAB; WOI; HC020444-262); Diabetic Neuropathy (1; MAB); Dropsy (f; BIB; HHB; WOI); Dysmenorrhea (f; APA; HC020444-262); Dyspepsia (f12; FAD; KOM; MCK; PH2; SHT; NP9(2):6); Dyspnea (f; EB49:406); Dysuria (f; NP9(2):6); Edema (f1; ACT9:251); Enterosis (f; APA; WOI); Erysipelas (f; MCK); FAS (f; ACT9:251); Fever (f1; BIB; EFS;

HHB); Fibrosis (1; CGH); Food Allergies (1; WAM); Gallstones (1; HHB; MAB; SKY; HC020444-262; NP9(2):6); Gastrosis (f; APA); Hematuria (f; HC020444-262; NP9(2):6); Hemoptysis (f; BIB); Hemorrhage (f; KAB; MCK); Hemorrhoid (f; BIB; HHB; MAB; WOI); Hepatosis (f12; KOM; PH2; SHT; WAM); Hepatosis A (1; BGB); High Blood Pressure (1; MCK; HC020444-262); High Cholesterol (1; MAB); High Triglycerides (1; CGH; X15177299); Hydrophobia (f; BIB; GMH); Hypereme-sis (f1; NP9(2):6); Hypotonia (f; HH3); Infection (f; HHB); Inflammation (f1; APA; HC020444-262; X15617879); Intoxication (1; FAD); Insulin Resistance (1; SYN); Itch (1; MAB); Jaundice (f2; BIB; HH3 MAB; PH2; PNC; WAM); Leukemia (f1; HC020444-262; NP9(2):6); Leukorrhea (f; BIB); Malaria (f1; BIB; HHB; PHR; PH2; HC020444-262); Menopause (f; HHB); Metastasis (1; X15224346); Metrorrhagia (f; HHB); Migraine (f; HH3); MS (f; ACT9:251); MS (1; HC020444-262); Mushroom Poisoning (2; FAD; SHT); Myalgia (1; HC020444-262); Nausea (f1; MAB; Cyto-protective (1; NP9(2):6); Nephrosis (f12; BGB; NP9(2):6); Neurosis (f; ACT9:251); Obesity (1; PNC); Oligolactea (f; APA); Ovarian Cancer (f1; MAB); Pain (f; NP9(2):6); Pancreatosis (1; X15325843); Peritonosis (f; BIB); Phlebitis (f; APA); Plague (f; BIB; GMH); Pleurisy (f; BIB; GMH); Psoriasis (f; PED; SKY); Pulmonosis (f; BIB); Snakebite (f; MCK); Sore (f; HHB); Splenosis (f; BGB; BIB; HH3; PHR; PH2; NP9(2):6); Steatosis (f; MCK); Swelling (f1; MCK; ACT9:251); Syndrome X (1; SYN; X15617879); Ulcer (1; PR14:581); Ulcus cruris (f; HHB; HH3); Urticaria (f; MCK); Uterosis (f; BIB; PHR; PH2; WOI); Varices (f; HHB; HH3); Worm (f; BIB).

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