Indications Mayweed

Amenorrhea (f; UPH); Arthrosis (f; BUR); Asthma (f; BUR; HJP); Cancer (f; JLH); Conjuncti-vosis (f; HJP); Dermatosis (f; HJP); Diarrhea (f; HJP; EB31:353); Dropsy (f; BUR); Dysentery (f; HJP); Dyspepsia (f; EB31:353); Epilepsy (f; HJP); Fever (f; EFS); Gas (f; EFS); Headache (f; HH2);

Hyperkinesis (f; HJP); Hysteria (f; HH2; HJP); Insecticide (f; UPH); Neurosis (f; HH2); Ophthalmia (f; HJP); Pain (f; BUR); Pulmonosis (f; BUR); Rheumatism (f; BUR); Scrofula (f; BUR); Sore (f; AAH; EB28:316); Spasm (f; EFS); Sting (Bee) (f; UPH); Worm (f; EFS).

Dosages (Mayweed):

Used for teas, and in Peru for flavoring (FAC).

• Irish use with crowfoot for cancer (JLH).

• Lebanese make floral tea to calm adolescents and hystericals (HJP).

• Mapuche Indians use for hysteria and neuroses (HH2).

Downsides (Mayweed):

As of November 2004, the FDA Poisonous Plant Database listed 39 titles alluding to the toxicity of this species.

Natural History (Mayweed):

The flowers attract many insect pollinators, which collect the pollen and/or sip the nectar. When flowering, the plant turns the outer flowers down in the evening and spreads them out in the morning (ZOH).

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