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Toothache Causes and Treatments

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Abscess (f; HDN); Amenorrhea (f; HDN); Anasarca (f; DEP; KAB; PH2); Ancylostomiasis (f; HDN); Anorexia (f; DEP); Aphtha (f; DEP); Apoplexy (f; BOU); Arthrosis (f1; DEP; HDN; HJP); Ascites (f; DEP; PH2); Asthma (f; BOU; DEP; KAB; SUW); Bacillus (1; HDN); Bacteria (1; HDN); Bite (f; KAB); Bleeding (f; X15922393); Bronchosis (f; DEP; KAP); Cachexia (f; DEP); Cancer (f1; JLH; PH2; X15689169); Cancer, abdomen (f1; JLH; X15689169); Cancer, liver (f1; JLH; PH2; X15689169; X16688796); Cancer, ovary (f1; JLH; X15689169); Cancer, skin (1; PH2; X15689169); Cardiopathy (1; FNF; HDN); Caries (f; HDN); Catarrh (f; DEP; KAB); Chancre (f; HDN); Cold (f; SUW); Colic (f; HDN); Constipation (f; DEP); Convulsion (f1; SEP; PH2; X15752643); Cough (f; GHA; KAB; PH2; SUW); Cramp (f1; DEP; KAP; X15752643); Dermatosis (f; DEP; JFM; SUW); Diabetes (1; X16054794); Diarrhea (f; SUW); Dropsy (f; DEP; HJP; KAB); Dysentery (f; BOU; DEP; HJP; KAP; PH2; SUW); Dysmenorrhea (f; HDN); Dyspepsia (f; PH2; SUW); Dyspnea (f; GHA); Dystocia (f; HDN); Earache (f; HJP); Edema (f1; HDN; X16192673); Elephantiasis (f; BOU; DEP; SUW); Enterosis (f; KAB; PH2; SUW); Epididymitis (f; DEP); Epilepsy (f; DEP; HDN); Escherichia (1; HDN); Fever (1; DEP; HDN; KAB; X16106390); Fungus (f; HJP); Gastrosis (f; HDN); Gonorrhea (f; DEP); Headache (f; HDN; HJP; JFM); Hemorrhoid (f; DEP; HJP; KAB); Hepatosis (f; DEP; KAB); High Blood Pressure (f; HDN); Hysteria (f; DEP); Infection (1; HDN); Inflammation (1; HDN; KAB; MPB; X16192673); Insanity (f; HDN); Insomnia (f; HDN); Leprosy (f; BOU; DEP; HJP; JFM; PH2; SUW); Leukoderma (f; KAB); Malaria (f; DEP; HJP; KAB); Mycosis (f; HJP); Obesity (f; PH2); Pain (f1; KAB; MPB; X15848031); Paralysis (f; DEP; KAB); Parasite (f; HDN); Pertussis (f; HDN); Pharyngosis (f; KAP; PH2); Phthisis (f; DEP); Psychosis (f; HDN); Rheumatism (f; DEP; MPB; SUW); Rhinosis (f; KAP; PH2); Ringworm (f; KAB); Scabies (f; BOU; KAB); Sinusosis (f; HDN); Snakebite (f; DEP; KAB); Sore (f; BOU; JLH); Spasm (f1; DEP; KAP; X15752643); Splenosis (f; DEP; KAB); Staphylococcus (1; HDN); Stomachache (f; HDN); Stoma-tosis (f; DEP); Swelling (f1; DEP; JLH; KAB; SUW; X16192673); Syphilis (f; BOU; JFM; PH2; SUW); Toothache (f; BOU; DEP; JFM; PH2); Tumor (f; JLH); Tuberculosis (f; HDN); Venereal Disease (f; DEP; HJP; PH2); Vomiting (f; PH2; SUW); Wart (f; JLH); Whitlow (f; HDN); Worm (f1; PH2; SUW; X16085379); Wound (f; DEP; GHA; KAB).

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