Indications Garlic

Abscess (fl; DAA; PNC); Acne (f; FAD); Adenopathy (f; JLH); Aegilops (f; JLH); Aging (fl; PH2) Allergy (fl; AKT; EGG); Alopecia (fl; WHO; WO2); Alzheimers (1; JN131:1010s); Amebiasis (f12 FAY; PNC); Amenorrhea (fl; BGB; JFM; LIB); Anemia (f; DAD); Angina (fl; FNF); Anorexia (f FAY); Anthrax (l; Xl4598920); Appendicitis (l; FAY; PNC); Aphthae (l; KAL); Arrhythmia (f; EGG) Arteriosclerosis (l2; BGB; BIS; FAD; KAL; PH2); Arthrosis (fl; FAD; KAL; PHR; PH2; EB49:406) Asthma (fl; PNC; WHO); Atherosclerosis (fl23; AKT; APA; PHR; SHT: WHO); Athlete's Foot (fl2

LIB; TGP); Bacillus (1; LAW; X10548758); Bacteria (1; JFM; PH2); Bite (f; FAY; JFM); Boil (f1; DAA); Bronchiestasis (1; KAL); Bronchosis (f12; FAD; PHR; PH2; BOD; WHO); Burn (f12; KAL); Callus (f; JFM; PH2); Cancer (f12; AKT; FAD; PH2); Cancer, abdomen (f1; AKT; FNF; JLH); Cancer, bladder (f1; FNF; JLH; X11341051; X11238811); Cancer, breast (f1; BRU; JN131:989s); Cancer, colon (f1; AKT; (f1; FNF; JLH)); Cancer, esophagus (f1; JN131:1075s); Cancer, gland (1; X11238818); Cancer, liver (f1; BO2; PR14:564); Cancer, lung (f1; BRU; FNF; JLH; JN131:989s); Cancer, prostate (f1; X11102955); Cancer, skin (f1; FNF; JLH); Cancer, stomach (f1; AKT; VOD; X11238811); Cancer, uterus (f1; FNF; JLH); Candidiasis (f12; CAN; KAL; TRA; VOD); Carbuncle (f; FAY); Cardiopathy (f123; BGB; EGG; FAD; SKY; VOD); Caries (f1; FNF; KAB); Catarrh (f1; AKT; BGB); Celiac (1; KAL); Chilblain (f; EGG); Childbirth (f; JFM; KAB); Cholecocystosis (f; APA); Cholera (f1; PNC; TRA); Chronic Fatigue (f; JFM); Circulosis (f; DLZ); Coccidiosis (1; KAL); Cold (f12; AKT; FAD; GHA; PHR; PNC); Colic (f1; GHA; WHO); Colosis (1; KAL; LAW); Congestion (f1; FAY); Conjunctivosis (f; GHA); Constipation (f; JFM; PH2); Convulsions (f; KAB; PHR); Corn (f; EGG; JLH; LIB; PHR); Cough (f12; APA; FAD; PHR); Cramp (f; PH2); Cryptococcus (1; DAA); Cystosis (f; JFM); Cytomegalovirus (1; KAL); Dandruff (f; EGG; GHA); Deafness (f; LAW); Debility (f; PH2); Dementia (1; X11238823); Dermatosis (f1; AKT; DAA; DAD; KAL; PNC; VOD); Diabetes (f1; GHA; MAM; PH2; PNC; X15738612); Diarrhea (f1; AKT; GHA; PNC); Diptheria (f; DAA; DAD; EGG); Dropsy (f; KAB); Dyspepsia (f1; AKT; JFM; KAL); Dysentery (f12; AKT; DAD; FAD; PNC); Dysmenorrhea (f; PHR; PH2); Dyspepsia (f1; BIS; PNC; WHO); Dyspnea (1; FAD; FAY); Earache (f1; FAD; TRA); Edema (f; JFM; PNC); Enterosis (f12; AKT; APA; FAD; GHA; PH2; VOD; WHO); Epigastrosis (2; WHO); Epilepsy (f; AKT; FAY); Escherichia (1; LAW; WO2); Felon (f; JLH); Fever (f12; FAD; PHR; PH2); Fibrinolytic (SHT); Fibroid (f; DAD; JLH); Filaria (1; KAL); Flatulence (f1; GHA; WHO); Flu (f1; AKT; APA; EGG; KAL; PNC; TRA); Fungus (f1; AKT; JFM); Gangrene (f; EGG; KAP); Gas (f1; DAD; GHA; JFM; PH2; TRA; VOD); Gastroenterosis (f12; BIS; DAD; FAD); Gastrosis (f12; AKT; FAD; FAY; PH2; WHO); Giardia (f1; KAL; X11101670); Gout (f; DEP; FAD; JFM); Headache (f; JFM); Helicobacter (1; AKT; X11238826); Hemorrhoid (f; JFM); Hepatosis (f12; APA); Hepatotoxicity (Acetaminophen); (2; MAM); Herpes (f1; KAL; TRA); High Blood Pressure (f12; AKT; FAD; PH2; SHT; ULW; WHO); High Cholesterol (123; AKT; APA; KAL; PH2; SHT); High Triglycerides (123; AKT; APA; KAL; SHT); HIV (1; KAL); Hookworm (f1; AKT; KAL; WHO); HPS (1; X15833681); Hyperlipidemia (123; SHT; WHO); Hyperperistalsis (2; WHO); Hypoglycemia (f; FAY); Hypotension (f; DAD); Hysteria (f; JFM); Immunosuppression (12; PHR; SKY); Impotence (f1; AKT; X112388); Infection (f123; AKT; APA; EGG; GHA; PH2; PNC; SKY); Insomnia (f; JFM); Intermittent Claudication (12; BGB; SHT; TGP); Itch (f1; TRA; VOD); Keratosis (1; KAL); Lambliasis (1; KAL); Laryngosis (f1; KAL; KAP); Lead Poisoning (1; PNC); Leishmania (1; X11119248); Leprosy (f; JFM); Leukemia (f; JLH); Leukoderma (f; EGG; KAB); Lumbago (f; PH2); Lupus (f; KAL); Lymphoma (1; BO2; JLH); Malaria (f; DAD; EGG; JFM); Malnutrition (f; VOD); Mange (f; JFM); Melancholy (f; JFM); Melanoma (1; JN131:1027s); Meningosis (f; DAA); Menopause (f; JFM); Mucososis (1; KAL); Myalgia (f; PHR; PH2); Mycosis (f1; AKT; PNC; TRA); Myofascitis (f; DAA); Nausea (f1; TRA; WHO); Nephrosis (f1; DLZ; GHA; KAL); Neuralgia (f1; KAL; PHR); Neuroblastoma (1; JN131:1027s); Nicotinism (1; KAL); Odontosis (f; KAB); Osteoporosis (1; X15173999); Otitis (f1; BOU; FAD; SKY); Pain (f; GHA; JFM; PH2; EB49:406); Palpitation (f; JFM); Paradentosis (1; KAL); Paralysis (f; KAB); Parasite (f1; AKT; ULW); Paratyphoid (f; KAP); Paratyphus (f; LAW); Periodontosis (1; LAW; X15892950); Pertussis (f12; DAD; FAD; FAY; PNC); Pharyngosis (f12; PHR); Pinworm (f1; AKT; FAY); Pneumonia (f1; DAD; KAL; VOD); Poliomyelitis (1; KAL; LAW); Polyp (f; JLH); Porphyromonas (1; X15892950); Pulmonosis (f; KAP; VOD); Pulposis (1; LAW); Raynaud's Disease (2; TGP); Respirosis (f1; AKT; BGB; KAL; PH2; WHO); Rheumatism (f1; FAD; KAL; PH2; VOD; EB49:406); Rhinosis (f12; BGB); Ringworm (f1; APA; DAA; WHO); Roundworm (f1; KAL; WHO); Salmonella (1; WO2); Scabies (f1; DAA; JFM); Sciatica (f; PHR; PH2); Senile Dementia (1; KAL; X11238823); Sepsis (f1; KAL); Shigella (1; LAW; TRA; WO2); Sinusosis (f1; FAY); Snakebite (f; FAD; FAY; GHA); Sore (f1; FAD; JFM); Sore Throat (f1; KAL); Soroche (f; KAL); Sple-nosis (f; EGG; KAB); Sporotrichosis (1; KAL); Staphylococcus (1; LAW); Stomachache (f; FAY);

Stomatosis (f12; PHR); Streptococcus (12; X9354029; X15892950); Stroke (1;JN131:1010s); Swelling (f; AKT; FAD; FAY; GHA; JFM); Syncope (f; KAB); Tapeworm (f; JFM); Thirst (f; KAB); Thrombosis (f123; APA; EGG; GHA; KAL; KOM; PH2); Toothache (f1; TRA); Tonsilosis (f1; LAW); Trachoma (f; DAA); Trichomonaisis (f1; DAA); Trypanosomiasis (1; KAL); Tuberculosis (f1; APA; EGG; GHA; JFM; KAL; TRA); Typhoid (f; DAA); Typhus (f1; DAD; KAL); Ulcer (f1; AKT; X11238826); Ulcus cruris (12; KAL); UTIs (f1; WHO); Vaginosis (f12; APA; DAA; KAL); Varicosity (f; DLZ; JFM); Virus (1; PH2; TRA); Vitiligo (f; EGG); Wart (f; EGG; PHR; PH2); Wen (f; JLH); Whitlow (f; JLH); Worm (f1; AKT; APA; EGG; JFM; VOD); Wound (f; GHA; PHR); Yeast (f12; APA; CAN; JAD; WO2).

Dosages (Garlic):

Bulbs and leaves widely eaten more as spice than vegetable; seeds, seedlings, and vivaparous sprouts also eaten (FAC, TAN; EB54:155); 1-5 cloves/day (APA); 2-4 g, 3 x/day (CAN); 2-4 ml tincture (1:5 in 45% ethanol) 3 x/day (CAN); 0.03-0.12 ml garlic oil/day (CAN); 2-8 ml garlic syrup (CAN); 2-4 ml garlic juice (CAN); 9-15 g fresh bulb (FAY); 1.5-6 g fresh tuber (KAP); 1-2 minims garlic oil (KAP); 4 g fresh garlic/day (KOM); one 400-mg StX/day; 3-4 550-mg capsules 3 x/day (NH). One enteric-coated 400-mg tablet (StX to contain at least 3 mg allicin potential) 1 x/day at mealtime (NH); 1/4-1/2 cup fresh bulb (PED); 6-12 g dry bulb (PED); 9 g dry bulb/45 ml alcohol/45 ml water (PED); 2-4 ml garlic juice (PNC); 2-8 ml garlic syrup (PNC); 600-900 mg/day coated garlic (SHT); 4 g garlic or one average clove; 5000 ^g allicin/day (SKY); 8-12 g bulb, 3 x/day (TRA).

• Arabs inhale steam from boiling water with garlic for tuberculosis (GHA).

• Arabs suggest eating cloves daily for colic, diabetes, diarrhea, enteralgia, and swellings (GHA).

• Arabs warm skinned cloves in cow's milk, add fat, heat until thickened; add ground ginger, laurel, pepper, and senna; take for colds, cough, nephrosis, and improving memory (GHA).

• Arabs use ashes from burnt cloves to treat eye infections (GHA).

• Bolivians suggest a clove garlic for arteriosclerosis, cerebral congestion, high arterial pressure; garlic soup for circulatory and kidney problems (DLZ).

• Bolivians suggest three cloves garlic mashed in one cup of milk with honey for arteriosclerosis, gastric, respiratory, or pulmonary problems (DLZ).

• Bolivians suggest a glass of water with 20 drops garlic tincture for hemorrhage, high blood pressure, palpitations, varicose veins (DLZ) (maybe a martini with garlic instead of onion? (JAD).

• Dominicans suggest rubbing garlic onto rheumatism (AHL).

• Haitians take bulb decoctions, juices, or teas for bronchitis, dermatoses, gas, itch, pneumonia, and other pulmonary problems; they eat the bulbs for worms and hypertension (VOD).

• Mexicans suggest taking three cloves in milk each morning to prevent malaria and tuberculosis (JFM).

• Mexicans take a leaf decoction as emmenagogue (JFM).

• Peruvians eat the cloves for arrhythmia, arteriosclerosis, cardiopathy, catarrh, diabetes, embolism, hysteria, hypertension, malaria, menopause, smoker's syndrome, splenosis, and thrombosis (EGG).

• Peruvians suggest rubbing cut garlic on corns, dandruff, infection, itch, rheumatism, sores, vitiligo, and warts (EGG).

• Trinidadans take garlic decoction for dyspepsia, enterosis, hypertension, stomachache, strangury, and rubbing the crushed cloves on the belly to facilitate childbirth (JFM).

• Yucatanese suggest three chipped bulbs in milk or tomato juice for diabetes, malaria, or rheumatism, or steeping in alcohol 5 days and taking up to 20 drops a day for asthma, atherosclerosis, or hypertension (JFM).

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