Indications Faba Bean

Abscess (f; EB49:406); ADD (1; FNF); Addiction (1; FNF); Adenopathy (f; JLH); Asthma (f; SOU); Boil (f; SOU); Bronchosis (1; FNF); Burns (f; PHR); Callus (f; JLH); Cancer (1; FNF); Cancer, bladder (f1; FNF; JLH); Cancer, breast (f1; FNF; JLH); Cancer, eyes (f1; FNF; JLH); Cancer, eyelid (1; FNF; JLH); Cancer, foot (1; FNF; JLH); Cancer, gland (1; FNF; JLH); Cancer, liver (1; FNF; JLH); Cancer, parotid (f1; FNF; JLH); Cancer, penis (1; FNF; JLH); Cancer, spleen (1; FNF; JLH); Cancer, stomach (1; FNF; JLH); Cancer, testes (1; FNF; JLH); Corn (f; JLH); Cough (f; PHR; PH2); Cramp (f; BOU); Cystosis (f; JLH); Dermatosis (f; PHR; PH2); Drunkenness (2; BIB; FNF); Encephalitis (1; FNF); Felon (f; JLH); Flu (f; ROE); Fungus (1; WOI); Gastrosis (f; BOU; JLH); Hepatosis (f; JLH); Impotence (1; BIB; FNF); Induration (f; JLH); Leukemia (1; FNF); Mastosis (f; JLH); Melanoma (1; FNF); Mycosis (1; WOI); Nephrosis (f; BOU; PHR; PH2); Ophthalmia (f; JLH); Orchosis (f; JLH); Osteoporosis (1; FNF); Pain (f; BOU); Parkinson's (12; FNF); Pneumonia (f; BIB); Pulmonosis (f; BIB); Sclerosis (f; BIB); Smoking (1; FNF); Sore (f; EB49:406); Splenosis (f; BOU; JLH); Stomachache (f; BOU); Stomatosis (f; BIB); Swellings (f; BIB; JLH); Tumors (1; BIB), Urogenitosis (f; PH2); Wart (f; BIB; JLH; PH2); Wen (f; JLH).

Essential Aromatherapy

Essential Aromatherapy

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