Indications Chickpea

Alactea (f; JAD); Anemia (1; FNF); Anorexia (f; KAB); Atheroclerosis (1; MPI; WO3); Biliousness (f; DEP; MPI; WO2); Bite (f; DEP; SKJ); Blood (f; KAB); Bronchosis (f; DEP; WO2); Calculus (f; KAB); Cancer, colon (f1; JLH; X15517915; X15298756); Cancer, penis (f; JLH); Cancer, testicle (f; JLH); Cardiopathy (1; MPI; WO3); Catarrh (f; DEP); Cervicosis (1; FNF); Cheilosis (1; FNF); Cholera (f; JAD); Cirrhosis (1; FNF); Constipation (f; SKJ); Cough (f; WO2); Cutamenia (f; DEP; LEG); Dandruff (f; WO2); Dementia (1; FNF); Depression (1; FNF); Dermatosis (f; BOU; WO2); Diarrhea (f; NAD; WO2); Dislocation (f; NAD; WO2); Dysentery (f; WO2); Dysmenorrhea (f; KAB; NAD); Dyspepsia (f; DEP; WO2); Edema (f; WO2); Fever (f; NAD); Fracture (f; WO2); Fungus (1; WO2); Gas (1; JAD; NAD); Gingivosis (1; FNF); Glossosis (1; FNF); Gout (1; FNF); Headache (f; WO2); Hepatosis (1; FNF); High Cholesterol (2; MPI; WO2); HIV (1; X11848297); Impotence (f; DEP; KAB; WO2); Infection (1; WO2; X12895650); Infertility (1; FNF); Inflammation (f; KAB); Itch (f; BOU); Leprosy (f; BOU; DEP; WO2); Mycosis (1; WO2; X12895650); Nausea (f; DEP); Neuropathy (1; FNF); Obesity (1; WO2; WO3); Orchosis (f; JLH); Ozoena (f; KAB); Pain (f; KAB); Periodontosis (1; FNF); Pharyngosis (f; KAB; WO2); Plaque (1; FNF); Polyp (1; FNF); Pulmonosis (f; KAB); Smallpox (f; BOU); Snakebite (f; DEP; KAB; SKJ); Sore Throat (f; WO2); Spina Bifida (1; FNF); Splenosis (f; DEP); Sprain (f; NAD; WO2); Stress (1; WO3); Stroke (f; DEP; SKJ); Thirst (f; KAB); Toothache (f; WO2); Vomiting (f; DEP); Wart (f; JAD); Worms (f; KAB).

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