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Foods not to eat with Migraine Headaches

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Abscess (f; BIB; KAB); Adenopathy (f; JLH; UPW); Anorexia (f; BIB; SAY); Arthrosis (f; GHA); Asthma (f; BIB); Atherosclerosis (1; WO3); Bacteria (1; WO2); Biliousness (f; DEP); Bleeding (f; BIB); Bronchosis (f; BIB); Cancer (f; JLH); Cancer, abdomen (f; JLH); Cancer, gland (f; JLH); Cardiopathy (1; X1305866); Cataract (f; GHA; PAY); Catarrh (f; PAY); Cerebrosis (f; BIB); Constipation (f; PAY); Corneosis (f; BIB); Cough (f; DEP; PAY); Dermatosis (f; BIB); Diarrhea (f1; SAY; X15138016); Enterosis (f; UPW); Epistaxis (f; BIB); Fever (f; PAY); Gastrosis (f; PAY); Gingivosis (f; PAY); Halitosis (f; PAY); Headache (f; BIB; WO3); Hematachezia (f; PAY); Hemicrania (f; BIB; KAB); Hemorrhoid (f; BIB; KAB); High Blood Pressure (1; WO3); High Cholesterol (1; WO3); High Triglycerides (1; WO3); Impotence (f; PAY); Infection (f1; PAY; WO2); Jaundice (f; GHA); Leprosy (f; BIB; KAB); Migraine (f; BIB); Nephrosis (f; PAY); Obesity (f1; BIB; KAB; WO3); Odontosis (f; PAY); Opacity (f; BIB); Ophthalmia (f; KAB); Pain (f1; GHA; WO3; X15507342); Polyp (f; JLH); Pulmonosis (f; JLH; PAY; WO3); Rheumatism (f; PAY; WO2); Smallpox (f; BIB); Sore (f; BIB; PAY); Splenosis (f; PAY); Stomachache (f; PAY); Stomatosis (f; PAY); Swelling (f; BIB; KAB; WO2); Thirst (f; KAB); Tumor (f; UPW); Water Retention (f; KAP).

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