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Bacteria (1; ZUL); Bleeding (f; ZUL); Bloat (f; BIB); Bronchosis (f; HDN); Bruise (f; GHA); Burn (f; UPW); Calculus (f; BIB); Cancer (f1; JLH; HDN; X15527763); Cancer, lung (f1; JLH; X15527763); Carbuncle (f; BIB); Carcinoma (f; JLH); Caries (f; UPW); Catarrh (f; UPW); Colic (f; HDN); Constipation (f; BIB); Cough (f; UPW); Cramp (f1; HDN); Craw-craw (f; HDN); Dandruff (f; HDN; ZUL); Dermatosis (f; HDN); Diarrhea (f; HDN; UPW); Dysmenorrhea (f; HDN); Dyspepsia (f; GHA; HDN; UPW); Earache (f; GHA; HDN; UPW); Edema (f1; HDN); Enterosis (f; ZUL); Epilepsy (f; HDN); Epistaxis (f; BIB); Epithelioma (f; JLH); Fever (f1; HDN); Fungus (1; HDN); Gas (f; GHA); Gastrosis (f; UPW); Gonorrhea (f; HDN); Headache (f; HDN); Hematuria (f; UPW); Hemorrhoid (f; GHA); Hepatoma (1; X11108802); Hepatosis (f1; BIB; HDN; ZUL); Herpes (f; HDN); High Blood Pressure (1; HDN); Infection (f1; HDN; ZUL); Infertility (f; BIB); Inflammation (f1; HDN); Itch (f; BIB); Laryngosis (f; UPW); Melanoma (f; JLH); Myalgia (f; HDN); Mycosis (1; HDN); Nephrosis (f; BIB); Neuralgia (f; UPW); Neurosis (f; HDN); Ophthalmia (f; UPW); Pain (f; HDN; UPW); Pleurisy (f; HDN; KAB); Pneumonia (f; HDN; KAB); Pulmonosis (f; BIB; KAB); Rhino-sis (f; UPW); Ringworm (f; UPW); Ringworm (f1; BIB; HDN; ZUL); Quinsy (f; UPW); Scabies (f; BIB); Snakebite (f; HDN; ZUL); Sore (f; HDN); Sore Throat (f; HDN; KAB); Staphylococcus (1; ZUL); Stomachache (f; UPW); Swelling (f; UPW); Syphilis (f; HDN); Tachycardic (1; HDN); Tonsilosis (f; HDN); Toothache (f; GHA; HDN; KAB); Trichophytosis (1; HDN); Tumor (f; JLH); Venereal Disease (f; HDN); Vertigo (f; HDN; UPW); Wound (f; GHA; HDN).

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Essential Aromatherapy

Essential Aromatherapy

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