Indications African Myrrh

Arthrosis (f; JLH); Bleeding (f; UPW); Cancer (f; JLH); Carcinoma (f; JLH); Childbirth (f; UPW); Chill (f; UPW); Conjunctivosis (f; UPW); Dermatosis (f; UPW); Diarrhea (f; UPW); Fatigue (f; UPW); Gastro-sis (f; UPW); Hepatosis (f; JLH); Induration (f; JLH); Infection (f; UPW); Insanity (f; UPW); Insomnia (f; UPW); Leprosy (f; UPW); Obesity (f; UPW); Ophthalmia (f; UPW); Pain (f; UPW); Polyp (f; JLH); Respirosis (f; UPW); Rhinosis (f; JLH); Snakebite (f; UPW); Sore (f; UPW); Splenosis (f; JLH); Sterility (f; UPW); Stiffness (f; UPW); Sting (f; UPW); Stomachache (f; UPW); Tumor (f; JLH); Worm (f; UPW).

Sirens Sleep Solution

Sirens Sleep Solution

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