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Milk thistle regenerates injured liver cells (SKY). Silymarin, at 100 mg/kg in rabbit diets, is reported to induce p450. Such data weakly suggest that milk thistle might detoxify (or inactivate) drugs detoxified by p450. Silymarin, the antihepatotoxic lignan, is hypolipidenic, lowering fatty deposits in the livers of experimental animals, and has been used successfully for Hepatosis B virus (PNC). Pre-treatment with silymarin and silybin gives 100% protection against mushroom poisoning in experimental animals. Posttreatment? When silybin was given ivn to humans within 48 hours of ingesting death cap mushroom, it effectively prevented fatalities (PNC). Equally good results were reported in Santa Cruz, California, in January 2007. LD50 silibinin 1065 mg/kg ivn mus HH3. LDlo silymarin > 20,000 mg/kg orl mus (MAB); LDlo silymarin > 1000 mg/kg orl dog (MAB); LDlo Extracts >16,000 mg/kg orl mus HH3. McCarty (2005) discussed the potential of milk thistle polyphenols for reversing fat-induced insulin resistance. He noted intriguing evidence that the beta subunit of the signalsome — IKKbeta, a crucial catalyst of NF-kappaB activation — is an obligate mediator of the disruption of insulin signaling induced by excessive exposure of tissues to free fatty acids and by hypertrophy of adipocytes. He speculated that agents that safely inhibit activation of IKKbeta may help reverse insulin resistance and help control type 2 diabetes. He suggests resveratrol (from grapes) and silibinin. Dietary silibinin can inhibit the growth of certain cancers in rodents and may have potential as an IKKbeta inhibitor. Silymarin also favorably impacts glycemic and lipidemic control in type 2 diabetics with cirrhosis. IKKbeta plays a crucial role in insulin resistance, atherogenesis, inflammatory disorders, and cancer (X15617879). Katiyar (2005) elucidated the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immunomodulatory potential of silymarin in preventing skin cancer. Silymarin has chemopreventive effects against chemical and photocarcinogenesis (X15586237).

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