Extracts Giant Reed

Ethanolic rhizome extracts show antiacetylcholinesterase, antihistaminic, antispasmodic, and hypotensive activities (WO2). Leaves emit isoprene (WO3).

Said to raise the blood pressure in high doses, lower it in lower doses (AHL). Leaves may contain bufotenine, which is reportedly antialzheimeran, anticholinesterase (1/30th physostigmine), aphrodisiac, cardioactive, CNS-active, hallucinogenic, hypertensive, mydriatic, respiraparalytic, and serotoninergic (http://www.ars-grin.gov/duke).

100 Health Tips

100 Health Tips

Breakfast is the most vital meal. It should not be missed in order to refuel your body from functional metabolic changes during long hours of sleep. It is best to include carbohydrates, fats and proteins for an ideal nutrition such as combinations of fresh fruits, bread toast and breakfast cereals with milk. Learn even more tips like these within this health tips guide.

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