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Estrogenic activity of fresh beans equivalent to 11.4 ^g estradiol monobenzoate/kg. The ethanol-ether extract of the seeds at 50-mg dose level stimulated non-pregnant uterus at diestrus (WOI). "The immature seeds exhibited appreciable antifungal activity; phytoalexins came into play to combat the infection" (WOI). The LD50 of the bean extract in mice was 19,000 mg/kg body weight. L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-dopa) was first synthesized as a D,L racemate in 1911. Its L-isomer was isolated from seedling, and from 1961 onward was recognized as the most efficacious drug treatment of Parkinson's disease. It is now generally recognized that L-dopa use in Parkinson's disease is a classic example of brain neurotransmitter replacement therapy. That may not be its sole action of interest. Recent evidence suggests that L-dopa may also have its own biological activity in the CNS, independent of dopamine (X15143441). Both L-Dopa and epinene have been reported from the seeds. L-Dopa is said to induce priapism in elderly males receiving it for Parkin-sonianism. According to Father Nature's Farmacy (FNF), L-dopa has analgesic, anorexic, antidote (manganese), antiencephalopathic, antifeedant, antimorphinic, antineuroleptic, antiparkinsonian, antireserpine, aphrodisiac, arrhythmigenic, antitremor, cardiovascular, CNS-active, depressant, diuretic, dopaminergic, emetic, hallucinogenis, hypertensive, hypotensive, insectifuge, miotic, and natriuretic activities. The LD50 = 609 ppm (orl rbt); LD50 = 3650 ppm (orl mus); LD50 = 4000 ppm (orl rat) (FNF). Daidzein reportedly has antialcoholic, antiarrhythmic, anticephalalgic, anti-dipsomanic, antihemolytic, antiinflammatory, antileukemic, antimelanomic, antimicrobial, anti-mutagenic, antiosteoporotic, antioxidant, antispasmodic, coronary-dilator, estrogenic, fungicide, hypotensive, and lipase-inhibitor activities. Genistein (0-92 ppm in the stem) has abortifacient, aldose-reductase-inhibitor, alpha-reductase-inhibitor, antiaggregant, antiangiogenic, anticancer (breast), anticarcinomic (breast), antiendoccytotic, antifertility, antihemolytic, antiimplantation, antiischemic, antileukemic, antileukotrienic, antilymphomic, antimelanomic, antimicrobial, anti-mitogenic, antimutagenic, antineuroblastomic, antioxidant, antiproliferative, antiprostatadenomic, antiprostatitic, antispasmodic, antitumor, antitumor (GI), antitumor (ovary), antitumor (prostate), antitumor (stomach), "antiulcer?," apoptotic, cancer-preventive, catechol-O-methyl-transferase-inhibitor, cytotoxic, DOPA-decarboxylase-inhibitor, estrogenic, flatulent, fungicide, fungistat, histidine-kinase-inhibitor, lipase-inhibitor, MAO-inhibitor, peroxidase-inhibitor, phytoalexin, pituitary-sensitizer, topoisomerase-II-inhibitor, trypanosomastat, and tyrosine-kinase-inhibitor activities (FNF).

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