Downsides Myrrh

None known (KOM; PHR). Class 2b. Emmenagogue; uterotonic. Contraindicated in uterorrhagia. Doses >2-4 g may cause diarrhea and nephrosis. French only permit external application (AHP, 1997). Undiluted tincture may produce burning and local irritation (AEH). Newall, Anderson, and Phillipson (1996) caution that because it is reputed to affect the menstrual cycle, its use in pregnancy and lactation should be avoided. May interfere with diabetic therapies. In view of the lack of toxicological data, excessive use should be avoided (CAN). "No adverse effects from myrrh have been reported" (SKY). Apprehension, diarrhea, hiccups, and restlessness have been reported as side effects of related gugulipid administration (CAN).

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