Downsides Dill

Class 1 (AHP, 1997). None known (KOM). No health hazards or side effects in conjunction with proper administration of designated therapeutic dosages (PH2). Contact photodermatosis possible as in most umbellifers. Fresh juice may possibly cause photodermatosis (PHR; X12868972). We might extend to all apiaceous oils Bisset's comments on celeryseed oil, "The drug is contraindicated in inflammation of the kidneys, (BIS)" because apiaceous essential oils may increase the inflammation as a result of epithelial irritation (BIS). Tramil (TRA) conservatively cautions for dill and fennel; contraindicated in reproductive women; limit dosage to 3 days. Doses of 175 mg/kg aqueous extract gastrically intubated in pregnant rats may be embryotoxic and or teratogenic (TRA).

Extracts (Dill):

Proestos et al. (2005) checked the species for flavonoid phenolics and their antioxidant and antimicrobial activity, finding circa 360 ppm quercetin, 445 ppm (-)-epicatechin, and 16 ppm vanillic acid in dill (X15713039). LD50 (Hydroethanolic Fruit Extract) = 1000 mg/kg ipr rat (TRA).

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