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Class 1 (AHP, 1997). No health hazards or side effects known with proper therapeutic dosages (PH2). Infant diarrhea must be monitored by a professional to ensure proper hydration with high electrolyte fluid during acute diarrhea (SKY, 1998). Avoid with intestinal obstructions or stenoses

(VAD). Best to monitor insulin in diabetics (VAD). Can interfere with intestinal absorption of other medicines (e.g., penicillin and lithium salts) (VAD).

Extracts (Carob):

Papagiannopoulos et al. (2004) quantified the polyphenols in carob fruits, reporting 41 individual phenolics (448 mg/kg extractable polyphenols comprising gallic acid, hydrolyzable and condensed tannins, flavonol-glycosides, and traces of isoflavonoids) (X15186098). While no clear competitor with green tea, carob should share in many of the purported health benefits of green tea in the major killers, cancer, cardiopathy, and diabetes. Carob tannins inactivate toxins by binding with them; inhibit bacteria (SKY; X14170956). I suspect that is why I was given carob when I suffered salmonella in Panama nearly half a century ago. By making stomach contents more viscous, fibers and sugars may interfere with acid reflux in the esophagus (SKY). Rats fed a fiber-free diet containing 1% cholesterol exhibited a small increase in serum cholesterol and a fivefold increase in liver cholesterol. Addition of 10% pectin or 10% locust bean gum kept the increase in liver cholesterol down (BIB). LD50 (Carob gum) = 9100 mg/kg orl dog HH3; LD50 (Carob gum) = 10,000 mg/kg orl hamster HH3; LD50 (Carob gum) = 13,000 mg/kg orl mus HH3; LD50 (Carob gum) = 13,000 mg/kg orl rat HH3.

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