Dosages White Wormwood

Dried leaves used as tea by Negev and Sinai Bedouin (ZOH).

• Bedouins tamp leaves in the nostrils as a nasal decongestant for cold (BIB).

• Bedouins drink leaf tea, in water or milk, for colds and cough (BIB).

• Bedouins, when newly born, inhale smoke from burning leaves to insure good health (similar aromatic species of Artemisia are used by Orientals and Amerindians in moxi-bustion and smudging, respectively) (BIB).

• Egyptians use wormwood for tapeworms (BI2).

• Israelis and Palestinians use the leaves for toothache (FP3; HJP).

• Lebanese apply leaf macerate with shea and olive oil to cuts, dermatosis, and lesions (HJP).

• Lebanese make a strong tea from dried whole herb to expel worms (HJP).

• North Africans use the plant to calm bleeding, cough, emotions, fever, headache, nerves, ophthalmia, and stomach (BOU).

• Saudi Bedouins inhale the smoke for medicinal purposes (GHA).

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