Dosages White Willow

Tender twigs and leaves often used for fodder, sometimes for human food. Leaves used as tea or adulterant thereof (WOI); 1-2 tsp powdered bark 1 to 3 x/day (APA); two to three 379-mg capsules, as needed or every 3 hours, up to 18 capsules (APA); 1-2 ml bark tincture (25% alcohol) 3 x/day (APA; SKY); 20-40 mg salicin (APA); 1-3 g dry bark, or in tea, 3 x/day (CAN); 1-3 ml liquid extract (1:1 in 25% ethanol) 3 x/day (CAN); 1-2 g bark (20-40 mg salicin), two or three 380-mg capsules every 3 hours (JAD); 60-120 mg salicin per day (KOM; PIP); 2-4 Tbsp fresh bark (PED); 3-6 g dry bark (PED); 4.5 g dry bark:22 ml alcohol/23 ml water (PED); 2-3 g bark in cold water, bring to boil, steep 5 minutes (PH2), 1-5 x/day (SKY).

• Bosnians apply wine bark decoction to corns and warts (JLH).

• Cherokee take the astringent bark for alopecia, diarrhea, dyspnea, fever, and hoarseness (DEM).

• North Africans consider the leaves are calmative, antispasmodic, genital sedative, the bark useful for fever and rheumatism (BOU).

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