Dosages Tragacanth Milkvetch

More food additive than food, the FDA defines GRAS gum tragacanth as "the exudate from one of several species of Astragalus gummifier Labillardiere," permitting its use up to 2000 ppm in baked goods and baking mixes, 7000 ppm in condiments and relishes, 13,000 ppm with fats and oils, 8000 ppm with gravies and sauces, 2000 ppm with meat products, 2000 ppm with processed fruits and fruit juices, and up to 1000 ppm in all other food categories. 1 tsp (circa 3 g) granulated drug added to 250-300 ml liquid (PH2).

• Lebanese apply powdered tragacanth to cuts and wounds (HJP). Downsides (Tragacanth Milkvetch):

None at therapeutic dosages except for rare allergy. Should be taken with plenty of water, as with all bulking agents (PH2).

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