Dosages Syrian Christthorn

Acid yellow drupaceous fruits eaten raw, dried, or made into breadstuffs. Sometimes in Israeli markets (FAC; TAN; ZOH).

• Arabs and Iraqi Jews apply fruit juice to wounds (X16270941).

• Bedouins drink leaf decoction as lactagogue (X16270941).

• Bedouins (Negev; Sinai) inhale leaf steam for myalgia (X16270941).

• Bedouins of Egypt put leaf cataplasm on abscesses and furuncles, and before retiring, apply to inflamed eyes (BOU).

• Camerounians plaster the plant on ringworm (UPW).

• Dhofari apply crushed leaves to arthritic joints and skin sores (GHA), seeds, fruits, and leaves to bruises (X16270941).

• Ethiopians use the plant as bechic and emollient (UPW).

• Ghanans apply the sap to cuts and wounds (UPW).

• Iraqi and Yemenite Jews use the leaves for hemorrhoids (X16270941).

• Lebanese eat boiled fruits as compote for bronchosis, cough, and tuberculosis (HJP).

• Lebanese take floral tea for fever and use as collyrium (HJP).

• Lebanese take powdered seed with lemon juice for liver ailments (HJP).

• Madagascans use the plant for diarrhea (UPW).

• Mauritanian women use powdered leaves to darken and lengthen the hair (UPW).

• Nigerians around Born take the bark as a slimming medicine (UPW).

• North Africans apply the wood ash, mixed with vinegar, to snakebite (BOU).

• Somali rub dried leaves on skin and wash, as a cleansing detergent (UPW).

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