Dosages Sea Orache

Described as famine food in North Africa (WO2). Leaves and young shoots have served as a potherb. These "mallows" are commonly eaten by the poor between Aleppo and Jerusalem (e.g., eaten by hungry Palestinian shepherds like spinach). According to the Talmud, Jews working on the reconstruction of the Temple in 520-516 B.c. ate these "mallows" (BIB; FP1). Facciola makes it sound a bit more enticing. Young leaves and shoot tips eaten raw or in casseroles, pastas, quiches, soups, etc. Plant produces an edible manna (FAC).

• Arabians view the seed decoction as emetic (GHA).

• Lebanese apply dried leaf powder to sores and wounds (HJP).

• Lebanese use seed infusion or direct seed smoke to dermatoses and sores (HJP).

• Negev Bedouins take the leaf tea for diabetes (HH2).

• North Africans cut the root into long narrow pieces used as a toothbrush (BOU).

• North Africans take the alkaline ashes of the plant for gastric acidity (BOU).

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