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Speaking of S. maritima, the desalted leaves are used as a cooked vegetable; or the normally salty leaves are added to salads and soups to salt them. Young shoots also pickled. Green shoots universally eaten by Asian Indians, especially during famines. (DEP; FAC). Asian Indians eat the green leaves of S. nudiflora (= fruticosa), a source of sajji (DEP).

• Arabians snuff the ash for dizziness, headache, hysteria, nausea, neurosis, and poor vision (GHA).

• Arabians use stem and leaf decoctions (S. aegyptiaca) in gargles for gum and tooth problems (GHA).

• Arabians use the stems of S. vermiculata to alleviate breathing difficulties (GHA).

• Asian Indians suggest an oily application of the wooly growths of branch tips (S. fruti-cosa) for the sores of camels (KAB).

• Pakistanis use the ash in making soap (WOI).

• Sindhis apply the leaves as a poultice in ophthalmia, and the leaf infusion as an emetic (DEP).

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