Dosages Purple Star Thistle

Young shoots consumed raw in Egypt, as a potherb elsewhere (e.g., among Albanians in North Italy) (X12203269). Bedouins harvest the oleiferous seed and grind it for food (HJP). Fresh plant suspension 125-600 g per day (VAD). 20-40 g herbs infused 10 minutes per liter of water, 3-5 cups/day (VAD). Decoction of 30 g plant per liter of water, 3-5 cups/day (MPG; VAD).

• Argentines use the juice to treat corns (JLH).

• Europeans take seed powder in wine for stones (WO2).

• Europeans use powdered roots for fistula and gravel (WO2).

• Lebanese eat boiled stems for jaundice (HJP).

• Lebanese take (with dilating herbs such as belladonna) to help pass gall and kidney stones (HJP).

• North Africans consider the seeds anodyne, antilithic, febrifuge, and vulnerary, using the whole plant for malaria and ophthalmia, and the leaves for headache (BOU).

• Portuguese use flowers and leaves as febrifuge and vulnerary, and the roots and fruits as diuretics (MPG).

• Spaniards suggest the plant for anorexia, cold, diabetes, hepatobiliary dyspepsia, hyperglycemia, hyposecretory dyspepsia, flu, and wounds (VAD).

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