Dosages Peelu

Leaves and shoots eaten raw or cooked, or made into sauce; fruits edible, fresh, dried, as a mustard substitute, or made into a beverage that can be fermented (FAC; FP2; TAN). Ash of plant made into a salt-like powder called kegr. Resin used for chewing gum. Seed fat used like butter (FAC).

• Arabs apply crushed leaves to swellings; dry powdered leaves to blisters and ulcers (GHA).

• Arabs take dried fruits with cloves, ginger, and sugar daily to regulate menstruation (GHA).

• North Africans consider fruits carminative, febrifuge, orexigenic, and stomachic (BOU).

• North Africans take powdered leaves, with honey and millet flour, made into balls. Taken every morning for 40 days for syphilis (BOU).

• Yemeni use frayed twigs effectively as toothbrush (on sale for a dime) (GHA).

Extracts (Peelu):

Trimethylamine is a gingival stimulant and antidyspeptic and carminative (UPW).

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